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The 10 Best Marketing Slogans Of All Time

Slogans condense the essence of entire brands into singular phrases. A sticky slogan is a very powerful way to influence how customers talk about your brand. It tells them your reason why, and can evoke...

10 of the Most Popular Online Retailers on Facebook [2019!]

Have you ever wondered which Facebook online store has the biggest audience… …and why? Or more accurately, how? As popular as a brand or business may be, it always amazes me how an online shop can...

Fashion Marketing Examples: 25 Successful Strategies From The Fashion Industry

Last Updated Dec 2018 At the ReferralCandy blog, we set aside quite a bit of time to analyze the marketing strategies of various successful companies. Here are some from the fashion industry. These include...

Branding Guides For Your Online Shop or Ecommerce Business

Learn how to create a brand that your target audience will love. From the content you create, the campaigns that you run, the graphics that you design, to the copywriting that you write, good branding will help you win over your customers.

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