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Ecommerce Platforms: Choosing The Right One (25 Examples)

ecommerce platforms

It’s your first foray into entrepreneurship, and you want it to go well.

You don’t want to make the hasty decision of choosing an eCommerce platform  — only to find out it doesn’t quite meet your needs, and then have to migrate to a completely different platform

But the problem is… there are so many platforms to choose from!

Should you choose the incumbent, the largest of them all? Or should you put your faith in a platform that’s relatively lesser used.. but may be more suited to your idea? So many decisions.

I am here to help.

This post is an entire curated list of the BEST reviews you can find analyzing the pros and cons of each platform.

After this post, you should be ready to make a decision on which ecommerce platform you want go for.


Let’s begin.

Is Shopify Right For You?

shopify marketing

Shopify is the leading online shop builder, currently powering over 400,000 online shops and processing over $34 billion worth of sales.

Considering Shopify? Read the reviews here:

1. Website Builder Expert — Shopify Reviews 

This is an incredibly in-depth review featuring 12 chapters (well-designed too) evaluating Shopify’s pros and cons.

It goes through Shopify’s ease of use, template design options, their app stores and many more.

2. ShivarWeb — Shopify Review: Pros & Cons of Using Shopify for Ecommerce

Looking for a simple review laying out all the pros and cons? This review is for you.

3. Style Factory — Pros & Cons of a Leading Online Store Builder: Shopify Review 2020

Another in-depth review going through every feature of Shopify, updated for 202. I like the fact that they did a comparison against other ecommerce platforms for you too at the end.

4. Make A Website Hub—Shopify Review

An in-depth Shopify review that left no stone unturned. If you’re looking to learn all about Shopify and how its features can help you, this is the guide to read. This guide gave Shopify 9/10.

Is BigCommerce Right For You?

bigcommerce marketing

BigCommerce was launched in 2009 and currently powers over 55,000 online stores.

Considering BigCommerce? Read the reviews here:

5. Style Factory — BigCommerce Review 2020: The 16 Things You Need To Know

In this post, Style Factory walks you through the key 16 features of BigCommerce you should know, and how it compares to Shopify and the rest.

6. Website Builder Expert — BigCommerce Reviews | 7 Key Things You Should Know

Website Builder Expert is back again with their BigCommerce review — and 10 chapters in total for an in-depth read.

7. ShivarWeb — BigCommerce Review: Pros & Cons of Using BigCommerce For Online Stores

Just looking for pros and cons? Nate Shivar is your man. ShivarWeb reviewed BigCommerce in short articles.

Is WooCommerce Right For You?

Woocommerce marketing

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin installed on your WordPress site (you must be using WordPress). The best part? It’s free! WooCommerce claims to be powering 1.7 million stores.

Considering WooCommerce? Read the reviews here:

8. Merchant Maverick — WooCommerce Review

A pretty in-depth review on the features of WooCommerce. Read this review if you’re interested to find out if the features are what you’re looking for.

9. Website Tool Tester — WooCommerce Pros, Cons & Hosting Options

Instead of going deep here, Website Tool Tester decided to create an easy-to-evaluate table for you to see.

10. Ecommerce Guide — WooCommerce Rating & Review

Looking for a short 7-chapter guide to WooCommerce? Read this post. It even has recommendations for themes.

PS: Looking to setup a referral program for your WooCommerce store? Check out our setup guide: How To Setup A Referral Program For Your WooCommerce Store

Is Magento Right For You?

Magento marketing

Considered the market leader in ecommerce platforms, Magento is used by Burger King, Huawei and even Liverpool Football Club (wow).

Considering Magento? Read the reviews here:

11. Ecommerce Platforms — The Ultimate Magento 2 Ecommerce Review (Jan 2020)

If you want a quick overall look on whether Magento is suitable for you, this review should be able to tell all you need. Plus, it’s freshly and regularly updated.

12. Merchant Maverick — Magento Review

This is an in-depth review going through everything Magento. If you’re ready to spend and want to confirm that you’re making the right decision, read this review. It also highlights the importance of developer skills for starting with Magento.

13. Ecommerce Guide — Magento Reviews

Just window shopping for platforms? Read this guide for a quick comparison. It echoes that Magento requires some technical knowledge and can be overcomplicated for smaller stores. Also, if you are learning more about Magento pricing, this post will help with investment estimates that cover not only the implementation cost, but also support and marketing expenses.

Is Volusion Right For You?

volusion referralcandy integration

Volusion is currently powering 40,000+ online stores and has helped its users sell over $28 billion over 185 million orders.

Considering Volusion? Read the reviews here:

14. Website Builder Expert — Volusion Review | 10 Key Things You Should Know

Website Builder Expert has the most in-depth reviews when it comes to analyzing ecommerce platforms. This is no different. Read their 10 chapters on whether Volusion is right for you.

15. ShivarWeb — Volusion Review: Pros & Cons of Using Volusion for Ecommerce

An in-depth review focusing on the pros and cons of using Volusion.

16. Ecommerce Platforms — The Ultimate Volusion Review

A nice overview of what Volusion has to offer and whether it would benefit you.

(Editor: In the interests of transparency, we should note that ReferralCandy and Volusion have a partnership. If you use ReferralCandy, you can get 50% off your first month on Volusion – click here for the promo code.)

Is Squarespace Right For You?

Squarespace platform

Typically considered a website building platform for photographers or designers, Squarespace is also a fully-hosted ecommerce platform. Launched in 2004, Squarespace is now a massive company boasting of 580+ employees.

Considering SquareSpace? Read the reviews here:

17. Website Builder Expert — Squarespace eCommerce Review 2017 | 15 Top Reasons To Try Them

Do you need a comprehensive list of reasons to convince you to try Squarespace? Then here’s 15 for you to carefully deliberate and consider.

18. Website Tool Tester — Squarespace Ecommerce Review: A Great Way to Sell?

Website Tool Tester is back with their simple and easy-to-understand table that summarizes Squarespace’s features.

19. Ecommerce Guide — Squarespace Reviews

Need a quick glimpse into what Squarespace can do and their pros and cons? This review gives them to you.

20. Make A Website Hub —Squarespace Review

An honest, in-depth guide that covers the advantages and disadvantages of using Squarespace.

Is 3dCart Right For You?


Another alternative to Shopify, 3dcart boasts a complete ecommerce website builder for small businesses, with many out-of-the-box features, 100+ supported payment platforms and over 60 mobile-ready themes. They also offer a quick-start dropshipping plan.

21. eCommerce CEO  — 3dcart Review

eCommerce CEO ranked 3dCart on qualities like values, features and performance and compares it to Shopify.

22. Website Builder Expert – 3dcart Review

Website Builder Expert summarised 3dcart’s pros & cons in several easy-to-read sections.

Other Options:

23. WebsiteBuilderExpert  — Shopify vs Squarespace Review [2020]

Squarespace is aggressively sponsoring podcasts, YouTube videos and ads. Better known for. web hosting, how does Squarespace stack up against Shopify? This review captures the differences.

24. Website Builder Expert – Wix eCommerce  Review

Wix is another website builder/hosting platform moving into eCommerce, this review captures what you need to know about building a Wix store.

25. eCommerce Platforms: 6 of the Best Compared

All in one place, this review contrasts six of the biggest platforms –  Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, BigCartel, 3dcart and Ecwid – to compare.

What’s Next

Here’s what you have to do:

Take a quick glimpse into which of these platforms are most suited to you, your budget and your plans…

… Then make a decision.

Whilst you want to make a careful decision on which platform to choose from to build your online store, don’t let it become an excuse for procrastination to NOT kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Good luck!

Si Quan Ong

Si Quan Ong

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