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23 Shopify Experts To Hire If You Want To Explode Your Sales

Si Quan Ong
Si Quan Ong
January 16, 2020
2 min read
23 Shopify Experts To Hire If You Want To Explode Your Sales

Are you struggling with your Shopify store?

Sometimes employing the use of Shopify tools and Shopify apps just aren't quite cutting it.

It can come down to finding professionals who can help you set your domain up, design your page layouts, or run marketing campaigns to help build traffic and exposure.

Lucky for you, in this post, we’ve compiled a huge list of experts who know the platform inside-out.

They eat, sleep and breathe Shopify, and will be able to solve your problems in a jiffy.

Hopefully allowing you to, finally, getting a good night’s rest.

(NOTE: You don't need an expert to help you setup ReferralCany for your store. Simply follow our easy-to-setup guide and you're all set to go!)

Continue scrolling down to find the right expert for you…

1. Storetasker

Specialty: Shopify Development

For projects big and small. Storetasker has helped over 30,000 brands hire a reliable, talented, and trusted Shopify developer for their next project. They've interviewed over 5,000 developers, hand selected the top 5%, and streamlined the experience from end to end. It's free to get a quote, and projects start at $75.

2. SainStore

shopify experts sainstore shopify plus agency partners made in china

Specialty: International Expansion, Design, Conversion Optimization

SainStore is a full-featured Shopify Plus Partner that helps stores brand, market, and expand into the overseas market. Their particular specialty is in removing the negative stigma of 'Made in China', helping manufacturers create a global, trusted, consumer-friendly brand.

3. ClearGo


Specialty: Website UX Design and Development, eCommerce Strategy, International Expansion, Custom Integrations

CLEARgo is a Shopify Plus Expert agency covering, Marketplaces, and In-Store. They work with retailers to tap into Shopify Plus to deliver the Omni-Channel customer journey and regional expansion. ClearGo has a presence in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Melbourne.

4. Carson eCommerce


Specialty: Design and Development

They handle small theme tweaks, app integrations, store setups, custom development, and graphic adjustments for your Shopify store.

5. Pivofy


Specialty: Design, Development, and Growth

Pivofy is a design firm that specializes in creating eCommerce sites that drive interaction and sales. They create revenue by design. The team at Povify has years of experience creating some of the most popular and sales-oriented websites in the world.

6. Thomas Holmes (Shopify And You)

thomas holmes

Specialty: Design, Development, and Growth

Thomas Holmes is the author of Shopify & You, the easy-to-use, step-by-step ebook that covers everything you need to know about designing, setting up, and running an online store with Shopify. He also wrote An Introduction to Google Analytics For Ecommerce, which is available as a free download.

7. Maukau


Specialty: Design, Development, and Growth

Maukau is a Paris-based agency that helps Shopify store owners with developing their brand’s presence online. They offer a wide range of communications-centered services and use a purposeful approach to developing strategies.

8. OnlyGrowth (Shopify Plus Experts)


Specialty: Design, Development, and Growth

OnlyGrowth is a team of Shopify Experts that helps leading brands increase conversions and achieve explosive growth. In addition to sharing some of the best advice, OnlyGrowth has an impeccable track record growing brands on Shopify.

9. Flair Consultancy


Specialty: Design, Development, and Growth

Flair Consultancy works with you as you require, from assisting with site setup to full bespoke design services and integration with existing sales and accounting channels.

10. BlueStout


Specialty: Design, Development, and Growth

Blue Stout is a digital eCommerce agency. They help eCommerce companies predictably grow revenue by increasing conversions, sales, and profits by building customer acquisition systems and designing high-converting websites.

11. BTown Web


Specialty: Design, Development, and Growth

BTown Web is a full-service digital agency located in Seattle, Washington. They are experts at web design and web development and they love helping a customer craft a new vision for their company’s website or eCommerce store.

12. Hatch, Inc.


Specialty: Design, Development, and Growth

Hatch is a small, London based Shopify Expert studio who specializes in e-commerce design, development, and marketing. They are experienced in delivering a variety of services including Shopify store setups, Custom Store Design & Development, Customisations, App Integrations as well as ongoing retainer support and E-commerce Rate Optimisation.

13. SeedCMS


Specialty: Design, Development, and Growth

They are Southern California’s most experienced Shopify and Shopify Plus web development experts that are helping businesses across the nation grow. They have 4+ years of experience on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platform.

14. Bold Commerce

bold commerce

Specialty: Design and Development

Bold develops some of the most popular eCommerce apps available for the Shopify eCommerce platform, designed to help store owners increase their sales. With a team of over 100 professional Web Designers, Developers, Online Marketers, and dedicated Support Wizards, Bold is also Shopify’s largest Expert Development partner worldwide.

15. ZAGO Sweden

zago sweden

Specialty: Design and Development

Since 2015, ZAGO Sweden has been helping more than 700 entrepreneurs to make their dream online stores come true. They’re a six person studio based in Malmö, Sweden, and specialize in complex migrations, working with new store owners, and custom design.

16. Handwoven Industries

handwoven industries

Specialty: Design and Development

They have been designing websites since 1997.

17. Paralel


Specialty: Design and Development

They take care of every detail from design to custom requirements to helping grow your business online.

18. Sunbowl


Specialty: Design and Development

Whether you have an existing site that could use some upgrades, or you need one built from the ground up - Sunbowl specializes in making your online store the best it can be.

19. TaskHusky


Specialty: Design and Development

TaskHusky is a small development agency focused on delivering Shopify, BigCommerce & WordPress store owners with access to on-demand, always available, and affordable eCommerce developers.

20. Velstar Digital


Specialty: Design and Development

Velstar is a Shopify Partner agency, with a team of passionate eCommerce professionals. They focus on upfront strategy, user experience, and cutting edge development to deliver highly effective mobile responsive websites.

21. Port80 Web Design


Specialty: Design and Development

Port 80 is a full-service web design and development studio that provides clients in Vancouver and around the globe with professionally developed websites.

22. Voltage New Media

voltage new media

Specialty: Design, Development, and Growth

Located in the heart of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Voltage is a small, passionate team of professional designers, developers, and marketers with clients worldwide. They create visually stunning websites that provide an exceptional user experience.

23. Underwater Pistol

underwater pistol

Specialty: Design, Development & Growth

They are a dedicated and knowledgeable team of Shopify experts covering design, development, and marketing. They will work with you every step of the way, from the planning and design of your web store, site build, launch, and beyond.

24. SpurIT

spur it shopify experts

Specialty: Development, Design, and Growth

SpurIT has a professional team with experience in developing eCommerce solutions and applications. They provide web development, design & digital marketing services, and can help take your online store to a whole new level of ROI.


You don’t have to do everything yourself.

In fact, it is better for you to focus on growing your business — then focusing on the small, minute details that bog you down.

If you need help designing, developing, doing Shopify SEO or marketing your eCommerce store, be sure to check out some of these Shopify experts.

And if you need help setting up a referral program for your Shopify store, be sure to check out our new guide on how to set up a referral program for your Shopify store.


Si Quan Ong
Si Quan Ong

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