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The 45 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2021

Best Shopify Apps

You’re busy; you have a store to run, and you just want the best Shopify app to solve your problem. But the Shopify App Store is overwhelming. Hundreds of apps, each promising to help you with one aspect of your business, but you don’t know which one will bring you guaranteed results.

How do you know which app to select?

We’re here to help. We’re Shopify users ourselves, and we have experience examining, testing and using some of the best Shopify apps out there.

And here’s the list we’ve come up that will help you increase your sales.

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The Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Here are some of the best Shopify apps you can install to help boost your sales (sorted by category).

Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps

According to Wordstream, in the UK, every one pound spent on email marketing has an ROI of 38 pounds. In the US? $44.

That’s an incredible return.

Simply put, email marketing is worth it.  And if you’re not putting in your effort and resources into growing your email list and sending them regular emails, you’re missing out on a huge channel.

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps in the Shopify App Store that makes email marketing a breeze for you.

Here’s some of the best:

1. Conversio

conversio marketing

Free Trial: Yes, 30 Days

Price: Variable, depending on how many orders you process monthly; $19 base

Best Used For: Sending automated cart abandonment emails, newsletters, follow-up emails and receipts

Previously known as Receiptful, Conversio is an email marketing automation app that allows you to send all sorts of email marketing campaigns to your customers.

For example, several ecommerce studies have looked at e-commerce best practices and shown that about 70% of your customers will abandon their carts and not buy anything. With Conversio, you can “chase” your customers, remind them to complete their carts and hit checkout.

Boom! Extra 💰💰💰 into the bag.

Conversio also allows you to take advantage of a customer touchpoint that is frequently unoptimized: your receipts.

With Conversio, you can easily customize your receipts, and turn it into a cash-generating machine for your ecommerce store.

Cool, huh?

Add Conversio to your store here

2. Omnisend

best shopify apps - grow ecommerce revenue omnisend email marketing ecommerce marketing automation

Free Trial: Yes, 15 days (plus a free basic plan)

Price: Variable, depending on subscriber list; Standard plan starts at $10/month with 1000 subscribers

Best Used For: Omnichannel marketing automation, multichannel automated workflow

According to a study performed by Zendesk, 87% of customers believe that brands should do more to create a seamless experience.

Omnisend’s powerful all-in-one omnichannel suite allows you to create complex automated marketing workflows by integrating a multitude of channels: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook and Google retargeting ads, SMS, web push notifications and more.

Combining this with smart segmentation for ultra precise targeting, you can make sure that your message is always relevant no matter which customer you’re engaging with.

Email campaign creation is also a snap with Omnisend, which employs a simple drag-and-drop email builder that allows you to customize each aspect of your campaigns without HTML knowledge.

For sales-focused marketers who are looking for something better than simplified email newsletters, Omnisend is definitely worth a look.

Add Omnisend to your store here

3. Klaviyo

online ecommerce

Free Trial: Free till 250 contacts

Price: Variable pricing after 250 contacts

Best Used For: Sending cart abandonment emails, newsletters and personalized emails

Conversio doesn’t look like it will satisfy you? Then check out Klaviyo, an alternative email marketing automation app that is available on the App Store.

With Klaviyo, not only can you send cart abandonment emails and newsletters, you can also personalize the emails you send based on what your customers have bought in the past.

A study conducted by MyBuys showed that 40% of shoppers would buy more from retailers who personalize their shopping experience. By using Klaviyo, you might be able to get even more 💵 just from smarter product recommendations.

Add Klaviyo to your store here

4. Sumo

sumo marketing

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days for Ecommerce Plan

Price: Free – $79/month

Best Used For: Grow email list, reduce cart abandonment, increase average order value, and more.

Unlike the big eCommerce stores, small Shopify business owners are constantly struggling to know exactly what and how to market and grow their stores.

As a small to medium size business owner, you’re already wearing multiple hats in your company — sourcing, logistics, sales — all while leading your team. Worse, it’s often difficult to set everything up in your Shopify store even if you know the exact marketing strategies.

To solve that, Sumo developed a solution that allows you to set-and-forget proven sales and marketing strategies in less than three minutes: Sumo Shortcuts.

Just to name a few, Sumo has launched the Reduce Cart Abandonment Shortcut, Grow Email List Shortcut, Increase Average Order Value Shortcut with more to come.

With Shortcuts, Sumo provides you the easiest way to turn your visitors into eCommerce customers.

Add Sumo to your store here.

5. OptinMonster

marketing strategies

Free Trial: No

Price: $49/month

Best Used For: Email list building

Originally popular due to its Exit-Intent technology, which serves pop-ups when it detects a user leaving, OptinMonster has decided to enter the eCommerce game as well.

It has similar features to Sumo, offering pop-ups, scroll boxes, floating bars, welcome mats, inline forms and so on.

One interesting thing I want to point out about OptinMonster is that it allows you to display pop-ups based on custom display rules targeted to your Shopify products, collections, pages, articles and tags.

marketing tactics

This allows you all sorts of flexibility when it comes to converting users – a huge advantage that should get your greed glands going 👀.

Add OptinMonster to your store here

6. Metrilo

ecommerce marketing

Free Trial: 14 days

Price: $119/month

Best Used For: CRM, email marketing

Tired of having your email marketing, CRM and analytics all over different apps and dashboards? Here comes Metrilo to the rescue.

With Metrilo, you can have everything in just one place. Metrilo also automatically identifies sales channels that are valuable to your store, and shows you where you’re losing business with their funnel reports.

Boom! More sales easily.

Add Metrilo to your Shopify store here

7. OptiMonk


Free Trial: 14 days

Price: $29/month

Best Used For: Email marketing

Popular for their exit-intent popups, OptiMonk has come a long way since then. OptiMonk now offers all sorts of popups and retargeting options that you can use to capture leaving visitors on your store.

OptiMonk also integrates with Facebook Messenger, allowing you to build an entire new channel of potential customers.

Add OptiMonk to your Shopify store here

8. SmartrMail

shopify apps

Free Trial: 15 days

Price: $29/month

Best Used For: Easy email marketing

SmartrMail makes email marketing super simple for  eCommerce stores.

If you find other email apps clunky and unintuitive, crafting manual newsletters with SmartrMail is quick and easy, with product details from your Shopify store inserted automatically. There are also plenty of advanced automation features, including abandoned cart and automated flow emails.

Their standout feature is their Recommendation Engine, which determines which products individual customers are most likely to buy, and automatically sends personalised product recommendations to customers at the right time.

Add SmartrMail to your Shopify store here

9. Recapture.io

best shopify ecommerce apps - recapture io

Free Trial: 15 Days

Price: Free for analytics features, starting $49/month

Best Used For: Targeted, responsive emails for abandoned carts, review booster emails, winbacks to boost customer lifetime value, and email popups

Recapture focuses on recapturing lost revenue, with abandoned cart recovery, tools to better target and segment email campaigns, and pop-ups to build your email list – including compliance with Google’s mobile/interstitial guidelines and auto syncing with Mailchimp.

Simple, sleek and easy to use: Recapture allows you to spend only five minute setting it up to significantly boost revenue – they boast over $60 million in lost revenue recovered since 2015.

Add Recapture to your store here

10. Mailbot

marketing strategies

Free Trial: 15 days

Price: $29/month

Best Used For: Automated newsletter drafting & scheduling

Mailbot is your virtual email marketing assistant. It does everything you need with regards to email marketing, while allowing you to focus on generating traffic and managing your inventory (things you should actually care about.)

With advanced customer segmentation and personalized follow-up emails, Mailbot can help you boost sales to your store.

Add Mailbot to your store here

11. MailerLite


Free Trial: Yes, they offer a forever Free Plan

Price: Paid plans start at $10/month

Best Used For: User-friendly email marketing, sending automated product recommendations based on past purchases, professionally-designed newsletters. Their Shopify integration is focused on building repeat customers and driving more sales with features like sales tracking, product importing, automation triggers based on past purchases, and pre-built e-commerce templates.

MailerLite is the email marketing platform used by by 550,000+ small businesses, designed for everyone from part-time sellers to established e-commerce sites.

Add MailerLite to your Shopify store here

The Best Shopify Referral Apps

Did you know?

83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services… yet only 29% actually do.


It’s mostly because they are forgetful and busy… and sharing about your product takes time and effort.

Make it easier for them by employing referral marketing. Referral marketing is deliberately encouraging your customers to tell their friends about you. 

You can do this easily by installing an referral app on your Shopify store, for e.g. …

12. ReferralCandy


referralcandy referral program software word of mouth marketing shopify referral app

Free Trial: Yes, 30 Days

Price: $49/month

Best Used For: Referral marketing

Hahaha! Did you think I will not be tooting our own product? Call me biased, but ReferralCandy is one of the best Shopify referral apps out there.

ReferralCandy allows you to reward your customers for sharing your store with their friends. You can easily customize your rewards, which will incentivize your best customers to spread the word for you — getting you more customers at no extra cost!

ReferralCandy also integrates with other popular marketing tools like MailChimp and Klaviyo, which helps you leverage your email marketing to generate more referrals; Recharge, which is perfect for subscription businesses, and AdRoll, allowing you to run retargeting campaigns to those friends of your customers that have seen your referral offer but haven’t bought yet.

We’ve run referral programs for some of the biggest ecommerce brands out there, like Tidal, BlueSmart, Brooklinen and Greats.

Help your customers spread the word for you by encouraging them to tell their friends through great rewards.

Add ReferralCandy to your store here

13. Smile.io

marketing tactics

Free Trial: Yes, up to 500 program members

Price: $59 – $599/month

Best Used For: loyalty and VIP programs

Although they have a referral program app of their own, Smile.io is better known for their loyalty and VIP programs. Smile.io allows you to quickly set up and run your own rewards program.

Rewarding your customers is important – a rewarded customer is more loyal, more likely to return, and of course, more likely to make repeat purchases – which is what you want.

Add Smile.io to your store here

The best Shopify SEO App (Search Engine Optimization)

How do people look for products online to buy?


Most people kick off their product buying journey with a good ol’ Google Search. And if you want customers to find you (and give you free traffic), then you MUST rank on Google. You have to write product descriptions that sell, as well as ranking high on Google.

Fortunately, there are a few apps on the App Store that will help you with your optimization process:

14. SEO Image Optimizer

seo optimizer

Free Trial: Forever

Price: Free

Best Used For: Optimizing your images

Quick quiz:

What’s the most used search engine in the world?

Duh, Google.

What’s the second? Bet you don’t know.

The answer – Google Images.

Shocking? I KNOW.

But chances are, your website isn’t optimized for Google Image Search. Which is a pity.

Unless you use SEO Image Optimizer. With just a couple of clicks, SEO Image Optimizer can help you add alt tags to all your images, helping it rank better in Google Images, and sending you free traffic!

Aww, yeah! 💃

Add SEO Image Optimizer to your store here

15. Plug In SEOshopify app marketing

Free Trial: Forever

Price: Free; $20/month if you upgrade to Plug In SEO Plus

Best Used For: alerting you if you have SEO problems

If you want to rank on Google (or any search engine), you need to get your ecommerce SEO right. Plug In SEO is like your little personal assistant, constantly prompting you to fix your SEO when it detects any issues.

Best part?

It’s free.

Add Plug In SEO to your store here

The best Shopify Facebook Marketing Apps

According to IBM, Facebook accounts for a whopping 38% of all ecommerce referrals, with an average order value of $92.27.

Basically, you’re 💩 if you’re not using Facebook to market your ecommerce store.

But hey, there’s nothing to worry about, because there are some apps born to help you with Facebook marketing:

16. Recart

recart marketing

Free Trial: Yes, 28 days

Price: Dependent on amount of sales you make

Best Used For: Facebook Messenger marketing

2 billion people use Facebook every month. Out of that, 1.3 billion use Messenger every month.

That means Messenger is a HUGE opportunity waiting for you to tap on it.

With Recart, you can build a Messenger marketing list, and send abandoned cart reminders, order receipts, shipping notifications, follow-up messages after purchase and sending unused coupon code reminders — all via Messenger.

Add Recart to your store here

17. Messengerfacebook marketing

Free Trial: Forever

Price: Free

Best Used For: Facebook Messenger marketing

Messenger is an app developed by Shopify to allow you to have real-time conversations with your customers as they look through your store.

It even includes a “Shop Now”, so customers can immediately shop straight from Messenger without having to go to your store. (Shopify still manages everything for you, so you have nothing to worry about.)

Add Messenger to your store here

18. Shoelace


Price: Starts at $249/month for stores with 15k+ monthly traffic
Best Used For: Automated ad retargeting campaigns

“Retargeting” is a powerful ad strategy based around the idea that people who browse your website without buying have shown interest, and can be enticed to visit your website again through more targeted ads – and maybe make a purchase this time.

Shoelace is a powerful Shopify app that designs retargeting ad campaigns for platforms like Facebook and Instagram — but across the entire customer lifecycle, to educate customers about your brand until they eventually come back to your store and make a purchase.

Many merchants make the mistake of showing the same ad over and over again to all website visitors — whether they’ve bounced off the homepage or added a product to their cart. Shoelace believes the right way to retarget people is to provide them with attractive and useful information about your brand, at different stages of purchases, so they make a more informed purchasing decision.

At one of our webinars a couple of years ago, Shoelace’s CEO Reza Khadjavi and he explained their focus on “Customer Journeys”:

“There’s a very powerful concept called “ad fatigue” that consumers these days are very, very quick to get. They may just block out ads even if they don’t hit that “hide” button on Facebook. Through their minds, they’re just going to mentally block it. In the end, you’re spending money to advertise to people that have consciously blocked your ads from their minds.

“[Instead, if you think about these visitors in sequences, you’re able to keep the content fresh and evolve it through a story that you can tell to customers to build your brand.”

Add Shoelace to your store here

19. Kit

marketing techniques

Free Trial: Forever

Price: Free

Best Used For: Facebook marketing

If you’re too busy, and have no time to learn marketing, and no money to hire a marketing expert, use Kit.

Kit is a chatbot that helps manage your Instagram and Facebook ads – free. Simply send a few messages to Kit via SMS or Facebook Messenger, and Kit will run your ads for you!

Add Kit to your store here

Best Social Media Apps for Shopify

There is no better way to get free traffic to your store than through social media. From Instagram to Pinterest, the different social networks allow you to display your best and most beautiful products online, enticing and interesting customers to click, view and purchase.

Here are some of the best Shopify apps on the store that can help you:


20. InstaFeed – Instagram Feed

instafeed marketing

Free Trial: Free Plan available

Price: Free, or up to $9.99

Best Used For: Displaying custom Instagram feeds for Shopify

We’re a big fan of social proof & word-of-mouth on social media. Instafeed allows you to publish custom Instagram feeds to you Shopify store, so you can showcase your customers’ user-generated content, or feature your own Instagram feed as a gallery.

Add Instafeed to your store here

21. Snapppt

shopify apps

Free Trial: Forever

Price: Free

Best Used For: Instagram marketing

65% of Instagram users use their Instagram feed to discover new brands and look for inspiration.

The only problem is – after they have seen what they want on a brand’s page, they can’t click to buy. They’ll have to visit the store on their browser, scroll through all their products and finally click on the one they want to buy.

Given such a tedious set-up, chances are that the sale is lost. 💸

Not anymore.

Snapppt turns your Instagram feed into a shoppable store. How?

It turns your Instagram bio link into a interactive shoppable feed where your users can purchase the products featured in your Instagram.

Add Snapppt to your store here

22. Socialphotos

best shopify apps


Free Trial: Yes, 30 days

Price: $10 – $50/month

Best Used For: User-generated content

Who do your customers trust the most when it comes to shopping online?

Other customers.

They want to know from other customers whether your product is good and worth the money.

And this is where Socialphotos can help. Socialphotos help generate social proof for you by collecting and compiling your customers’ product photos in real time from popular social networks.

They even help you send a reminder after their purchase to upload a photo of them using it so that it continues to contribute to your feed of satisfied customer images.

Add Socialphotos to your store here

The Best Review Apps for Shopify and Social Proof

Social proof is borrowing third-party influence to persuade potential customers. Whether it is an authority or another customer, the purpose of social proof is to tell potential customers that many other people have liked it, and so should he or she.

Generating social proof isn’t as difficult as it seems. There are apps on the Shopify App Store that can help you generate social proof automatically and manage stuff like AMP emails for collecting reviews. Here are some of them:

23. Trust Hero

shopify apps for ecommerce

Free Trial: Forever

Price: Free

Best Used For: Displaying trust icons

In 2012, Visual Web Optimizer reported that Express Watches, a UK-based retailer of Seiko watches ran an experiment to test if adding trust badges would help in improving conversion rates on their website.

It did.

Adding trust badges helped them with a 107% increase in sales.

If you’d like that kind of results for your store, you should definitely add Trust Hero. Trust Hero makes it easy for retailers to set up different icons on their pages.

Add Trust Hero to your store today

24. Omnikick

Free Trial: Free till 250 subscribers

Price:Variable, depending on subscriber list; Standard plan starts at $39/month

Best Used For: Omnichannel marketing automation

Businesses are built and thrive on authentic and trusted relationships with customers. OmniKick automates from the first visit by harmonizing Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign for the Store.

OmniKick gives complete marketing automation tools to help personalize every customer interaction, maximize customer lifetime value, and reduce cart abandonment.

Add Omnikick to your store here

25. Yotpo

ecommerce marketing

Free Trial: yes, up till 200 orders per month

Price: $49/month onwards

Best Used For: Generating reviews

If you’re looking to add more customer reviews on your site, look no further than Yotpo. Yotpo is the #1 app on the Shopify store that helps you build trust, drive traffic and increase conversion.

Add Yotpo to your store here

Customer reviews are a great example of social proof that influence the buying decision. Read 3 ways you can harness reviews to boost sales for your eCommerce store.

How to get Sales on Shopify: Sales and Promotions Apps

Who doesn’t love promotions? Or sales? A nicely-timed sale can incentivize your customers to purchase and order more.

Here are some of the apps that can help you increase your sales:

26. Doofinder


Free Trial: 30 Days

Price: 29€/month

Best Used For: Increasing online sales by offering a great search experience to eCommerce users

If the search experience on your Shopify store is not good, you are losing clients. Typically up to 30% eCommerce visitors use the internal search engine and they are more likely to convert.

Doofinder will turn your search bar into a powerful sales weapon and increase your online sales by up to 20%.

Join 5000 eCommerce around the world that already use it.

27. PriSync

top shopify apps - referralcandy shopify prisync dynamic pricing app

Free Trial: 14 Days

Price: $129/month

Best Used For: Dynamic pricing optimisation & price monitoring

Price is a big part of any eCommerce shopper’s experience. Your pricing strategies can be affected by what your competitors are doing too, with their own pricing tactics, promotions and discounts.

Prisync’s pricing software lets you analyze competitors’ prices and apply smart dynamic pricing rules, so you can stay competitive and profitable. This replaces giant spreadsheets nor hundreds of hours of manpower needed to keep up with the entire market.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive, their blog covers eCommerce and pricing strategies with plenty of good ideas.

Add Prisync to your store here

28. ReCharge

shopify apps to increase sales

Free Trial: 90 Days

Price: $19.99/month

Best Used For: recurring billing

Do you have a store that has customers purchasing the same thing every week or month, like a subscription box?

It is a HUGE tech headache if you have to remember to bill them every time.

ReCharge solves that problem for you by doing the recurring billing for you… automatically.

No more worrying for you when it comes to recurring bills!

(They also integrate with ReferralCandy!)

Add ReCharge to your store here

29. Product Discount

product discount shopify app

Free Trial: 30 days

Price: $14.99/month

Best Used For: Run daily deals and scheduled sales

Want to run daily deals or scheduled sales to charge up the number of sales you’re getting? Product Discount is the app for you! Product Discount allows you to add daily deals, schedule sales to run on a certain date and time and other types of deals (like Buy One Get One Free).

Add Product Discount to your store here

30. Instant Buy

best shopify apps referralcandy blog - instant buy

Free Trial: Free plan on Product Pages Only

Price: Free Plan or $9/month

Best Used For: Creating a sticky “Add to cart” button

Make the “Buy button” always sticky on your store so your customers are constantly reminded to make the purchase — which boosts your sales, just like Amazon’s Instant Checkout button!

Add Sticky Buy button to your store here

31. WishList Plus

best shopify ecommerce apps - wishlist plus

Free Trial: Up till 100 “wishlist items” per month

Price: $9.99 – $29.99/month

Best Used For: Giving customers a Wishlist

It’s unlikely that every single customer of yours sees an item they like, and hit purchase straight. Most customers will take a period of a few sessions to decide whether they want it.

Help your customers by adding a Wishlist module beside your products, which allows your customers to easily remember what they wanted previously (making it easier to purchase the next time round.)

The best part? You can find out what your most popular “wishlisted” items are (and maybe create a deal/discount for them to convert them into customers!)

Add Wishlist Plus to your store here

32. Bundle Upsell

marketing shopify apps

Free Trial: 7 Days

Price: $47/month

Best Used For: Adding upsells to your store

Bundle Upsell is an app that allows you to upsell similar or complementary products to your customers. All you have to do is to choose a category for your products, and this ensures that your customers will be shown the items they want to see, which generates more money for you!

Add Bundle Upsell to your store here

33. Pre-Order Manager

shopify pre-order app

Price: plans start from $200/month

Best Used For: Manage pre-orders

Don’t lose customers just because your products are out-of-stock. With Pre-Order Manager, you allow customers to pre-order the item, ensuring you’re still collecting revenue even while you’re restocking.

Add Pre-Order Manager to your store today

34. ContactPigeon

contactpigeon -best shopify apps referral candy blog

Free Trial: Yes, 14 Days.

Price: Starting from $198/month, free onboarding with a dedicated Customer Success Consultant

Best Used For: Increasing Average Order Value, reducing Cart & Browse Abandonment, and increasing Customer Retention

ContactPigeon offers an all-in-one marketing automation platform to deliver an engaging omnichannel customer experience. The tool offers:

  • list building widgets and exit intent pop-ups;
  • email, push & SMS marketing;
  • built-in eCommerce automations for easy onboarding
  • easy drag & drop landing page builder
  • an analytics dashboard to track the performance of each campaign

The secret sauce: ContactPigeon allows you to create custom automation flows, as advanced as you wish, perfect for business that want to scale.

Add ContactPigeon to your store here

35. PushOwlpushowl shopify app

Free Trial: Up till 1000 impressions per month

Price: $19 – $99/month

Best Used For: Push notifications

Email marketing not working for you? Messenger marketing not working for you?

Fret not. There’s still push notifications. PushOwl allows you to send automated notifications to your customers – to remind them of abandoned carts, discounts or items back-in-stock.

Add PushOwl to your store here

36. Personalized Recommendations

best shopify apps ecommerce stores

Free Trial: Free if no sales

Price: 4% of extra sales the app makes for you

Best Used For: Creating personalized suggestions for your customers

Personalized Recommendations is an app that uses machine learning to collect shopping behaviours from your customers, analyze what they’re interested in and suggest the right products to them to get them to buy more.

Add Personalized Recommendations to your store here

37. Free Shipping Bar

marketing tactics with shopify apps

Free Trial: Forever

Price: Free

Best Used For: Offering free shipping

88% of consumers would be more likely to shop at a site online if they were promised free shipping. Hextom’s Free Shipping Bar allows you to display your free shipping offer in a slide out bar so customers are more likely to checkout, improving your sales!

Add Free Shipping Bar to your store here

38. Tidio

tidio marketing app

Free Trial: Forever

Price: Starts at €15

Best Used For:  Engaging website visitors in real-time and boosting sales

Tidio is an all-in-one website chat designed for smart eCommerce businesses looking to interact with their website visitors in real-time, generate leads and increase sales. Free to use and easy to install, Tidio also integrates with a wide range of tools and online platforms, including Hubspot & WordPress.

Tidio also offers automation option, like triggered responses when a customer visits a page twice, as well as intelligent chatbots to deliver real-time answers to customers browsing your website. Plus, all customer responses arrive in a single, organized inbox to help support agents with addressing them collaboratively.

Add Tidio to your store here

39. Sixads


Free Trial: Yes, free plan available forever

Price: Starting from $9.99/month

Best Used For: Driving traffic & automating ads

Getting visitors to your online store might be tough, especially if you’re just starting with your side hustle. SIxads is designed to help merchants get quality traffic from other stores by sharing their visitors among each other.

Sixads’ free version, allows you to display your products on other stores by showing partner products on your store. You can also adjust the partner products’ looks to match your shop’s style, so everything blends in nicely. With Sixads, you can also run automated ads on Facebook and Google for hot and ready-to-buy targeted audiences.

Add Sixads to your store here

40. FirePush

Free Trial: There is a free limited plan that offers up to 1000 free web pushes

Price: Standard plan starts at $29/month for up to 15,000 subscribers

Best Used For: Omnichannel marketing automation, multichannel automated workflow

Firepush provides a robust all-in-one omnichannel package. Create automated and segmented workflows that integrate Web Push Notifications, Email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger to drive sales to your store.

There’s no coding knowledge needed. Firepush’s suite of tools has been designed with simplicity in mind. From its drag and drop email builder, to easily segmented bulk SMS and Web Push Notification that can be timed to drop automatically, you’ll find everything you need.

Add FirePush to your store here

Administration and Fulfillment

An effective, functional back-office can help you cope with all the increased sales and new orders you’ll be getting, as well

Here are some of the apps that can help streamline your processes and operations:

41. Spocket


Free Trial: Yes, 7 days (plus a free basic plan)

Price: Pro plan starts at $29/month up to 25 products, Empire Plan at $79

Best Used For: Product sourcing and delivery, automated order processing

Bad suppliers and late deliveries can cause your store to close down: 100%. So why take the chance?

Spocket has curated a list of verified, quick-shipping suppliers from around the US and Europe that will dropship the products right to your customer. This means great and unique products from artisans and local businesses + faster deliveries: a recipe for success!

Plus, you get wholesale rates–with up to 75% discounts on market rates, making you a solid profit for every product you sell. You can also brand the invoice as your own. Leave your customers more than satisfied. Make them happy.

Add Spocket to your store here

42. Printful

best shopify apps referralcandy - printful

Price: Free to install, fulfilment depends on product

Best Used For: eCommerce product sourcing / merchandising

Printful is a white-label, print-on-demand drop shipper that lets you sell unique designs on printed products without having to worry about keeping the stock. Once connected to your Shopify store, orders are automatically sent to Printful, which allows the company to print and ship shirts, hats, mugs, bags and more to your end customer under your brand name.

Add Printful to your store today

43. Shopify FedEx Shipping App

fedex shipping shopify

Free Trial: 15 Days

Price: $19/month

Best Used For: Automating FedEx shipping: labels, rates, tracking.

Shipping is crucial for any ecommerce store, and it can be as important as the quality of the product you sell. This app helps you completely automate your FedEx shipping operations, including displaying real time shipping rates on your checkout page and printing shipping labels directly within Shopify, as well as offering orden tracking all integrated within the same app.

Add Shopify FedEx Shipping App to your store here

44. Reveal

Free Trial: Yes, for Shopify merchants until the end of 2021

Price: Not yet announced

Best Used For: Improve customer retention rates and overall customer experience

Reveal is a Retail Analytics tool that offers automated advanced reporting for eCommerce. The software is analyzing customer, product and order data, based on two main metrics: Cost of acquisition (CAC) and RFM scores. The dashboard provides insights into NPS scores, Retention Rate, Product Return Rate, Gross Margin per Customer Type, Cohorts and Customer Lifetime Value. This tool is suitable for eCommerce businesses that want to leverage customer data and increase their Customer Retention Rate and Customer Lifetime Value.

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45. Cartloop

Free Trial: Yes; all plans come with a 14-days free trial where they sent unlimited texts for you.

Price: Starts at $0 + 15% of Cartloop generated revenue.

Best Used For: Build stronger customer relationships and drive growth with Cartloop.

Cartloopis a human-powered text marketing platform that acts as customers’ personal shopping assistant. Using 1:1 conversational text messaging, Cartloop’s Cart Recovery Experts guides your customers throughout their shopping journey in real-time with the power of human touch.

Cartloop drives 10x more revenue than email automation, over 15x ROI, real-time customer feedback, and overall consistency. Their secret? Focusing on what text marketing has so far largely ignored: actual conversations. 

Best of all, their pricing is based on a pay for performance model, which is basically, risk-free. Cartloop is only successful if you are successful. 

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Bonus! – Rewind

Free Trial: Yes, 7 days.

Price: $3/month to $299/month

Best Used For: Shopify store backups

A Shopify store can break for reasons like a misconfigured theme, an inadvertent catalog deletion, or even maliciously by a disgruntled employee. That’s when you need a backup to recover lost data. Unfortunately, Shopify does not offer store owners this ability.

Rewind Backups automatically backs up your store every day so that recovering lost data, or undoing a change can be done with just a click of a button. Just set it and forget it.

Rewind Backups is now used by over 80,000 businesses including Gatorade, MVMT, Knix, and more. 

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