Shopify Buy Button + ReferralCandy: Multi-Channel Referrals

Ha Pham
Ha Pham
April 6, 2018
2 min read
Shopify Buy Button + ReferralCandy: Multi-Channel Referrals

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Creating a high-quality, multi-channel experience for shoppers is crucial to a successful referral marketing program.

However, that is not always easy.

But, fret not. There is nothing to worry about.

With the integration with the Shopify Buy Button, ReferralCandy now makes it possible to set up a referral program across multiple devices and sales channels.

Multi-channel commerce with Shopify Buy Button

The Shopify Buy Button is one of the latest product changes from Shopify. This change is meant to address the shift to multi-channel commerce, especially mobile commerce.

The Buy Button allows shoppers to purchase an item directly on a landing page, an email or a blog's sidebar. You don’t need a shopping cart solution and a separate checkout page to sell on your channels.

Most importantly, it reduces steps for the shoppers and helps them reach payment faster.

Multi-channel referral marketing with ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy has also been preparing for multi-channel commerce.

If you are selling with the Shopify Buy Button, you can set up a fully-automated referral program with ReferralCandy.

Just install ReferralCandy from the App Store.

Reward your customers with coupon for referring

Running a referral program is possible with ReferralCandy even if you sell through emails or on your blog.

Mobile-first experience

Our emails, landing pages and referral widgets are designed to be engaging across all devices.

ReferralCandy makes it easy for your customers to refer with mobile social sharing. We integrate with the latest mobile messaging apps.

Riding on the wave of multi-channel commerce

As e-commerce is shifting to mobile and shoppers are making purchases across channels, we are going to see the customer experience continue to change in the world of ecommerce.

By combining the latest changes from Shopify and ReferralCandy, your store can stay ahead of the curve.

Here's what else you can do to grow your Shopify store:

All of this and more on our Ultimate Shopify Marketing Resource.

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Ha Pham
Ha Pham

Ha is ReferralCandy’s product designer. She talks to customers and sketches their experience.

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