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17 Shopify Facebook Groups Every Ecommercer Should Join

Shopify Facebook Groups

Want to hear something crazy?

You don’t have to be struggling with your Shopify store.

Think about it:

You’re NOT the first person to try to start a Shopify store. It is also very unlikely that you’e the first ever person in your niche or industry.

Which means:

Most of the problems you’re facing right now with your Shopify store have been solved.

And these solutions are right in front of you, inside the heads of your fellow Shopify entrepreneurs.

How do you get them to spill out their knowledge so you can solve your problems?


Join a Facebook Group.

There are plenty of Facebook Groups out there that are packed with Shopify entrepreneurs asking questions and offering solutions and suggestions for problems just like yours.

All you have to do is to join and participate.

Without further ado, here are the 17 Shopify Facebook Groups you can join to get help for your frustrations. I’ve picked only those who are currently active (i.e no spam, lively discussions, etc.)

17 Of The Best Shopify Facebook Groups You Should Join

1. eCommerce Elite Mastermind

ecommerce expert

Owner: Steve Tan

Members: 35,136

Steve Tan (and his business partner Evan Tan) famously scaled a brand new store from 0 to 5-figures in a matter of days. He even held a record breaking $360,000 revenue in one day. How did he do it?

You’ll have to join the group and ask him.

The eCommerce Elite Mastermind group is a group that shares all sorts of eCommerce tips related to Shopify and Magento. If you have any questions related to Shopify/Magento, Facebook Ads, social media marketing, product sourcing and fulfillment, you’re in the right place.

2. Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

ecommerce entrepreneurs

Owner: Richard Lazazzera

Members: 11,193

Owned and managed by ex-Shopify employee Richard Lazazzera, this group is meant to bring together a passionate community of ecommerce business builders to help and encourage each other.

To keep the group tight-knit and free of spammers, Richard insists that only users with a valid profile picture, are active on Facebook for more than a year and participate in <50 groups can join.

3. Shopify 7 Figure Group (Murray Edwards Mastermind)

shopify experts

Owner: Murray Edwards

Members: 43,709

Aspiring to grow your Shopify store to 7-figures? Then participate in this Shopify group and learn actionable tips from 6 to 7-figure Shopify entrepreneurs like Murray Edwards and Jason Williamson.

4. Cener Shopify Mastermind

shopify mastermind

Owner: Justin Cener

Members: 33,502

Originally a closed Facebook group for Justin’s clients, he has now opened this Shopify group to anybody who is interested in running and managing a successful Shopify store. Justin doesn’t promise that he can be there like a 1-1 coach, but from what I see, he does his best in answering questions and being helpful all round.

5. Ecom Insiders

shopify insider

Owner: James Beattie

Members: 31,111

Want to learn how to grow your Shopify store to 6-figures? Everything you need is inside this group.

6. Shopify Entrepreneurs

facebook groups

Owner: Jonathan Kennedy

Members: 71,774

This is a private community for Shopify sellers with live stores and customers of Storetasker. If you own a Shopify store, this is a group for you to share advice and ask for feedback.

7. Shopify Mastery

shopify mastery

Owner: Dan Dasilva

Members: 28,807

Entrepreneurism can be a really lonely journey. Dan Dasilva set up the Shopify Mastery group to help eCommerce entrepreneurs get more help from other eCommerce entrepreneurs.

8. Shopify Strategy

shopify strategy

Owner: Phil Kyprianou

Members: 40,023

Learning how to scale your Shopify store up, or struggling with selling on Facebook? This group is for you.

9. Trackify 8-Figure Mastermind


Owner: Thomas Bartke

Members: 18,931

Known as the “Pixel Whisperer”, Thomas Bartke is the creator of Trackify, a Shopify app that supports and enhances the leverage features of Facebook Pixels for your Shopify store. This group is for Thomas to speak to his potential customers and current customers, and teach them how to leverage Facebook ads for better results.

10. Shopify Ecommerce Group 

shopify ecommerce groups

Owner: James Shea

Members: 22,989

Desiring for members of the Shopify community to help each other succeed, James Shea created this group so that fellow Shopify entrepreneurs could chat and discuss the best strategies.

11. Hacking Shopify Dropshipping

shopify dropshipping

Owner: Hayden Bowles

Members: 33,327

One of the rarer groups that is dedicated to purely dropshipping on Shopify, Hayden created the group to share ideas, ask questions and network with fellow dropshipping entrepreneurs.

12. Shopify Startups 6-Figure Mastermind

shopify startups

Owner: Adam Reed

Members: 28,838

Adam, who sells courses on Shopify on Udemy, started this Facebook group to share advice and guidance for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

13. Shopify (E-commerce Strategy)


shopify ecommerce strategies

Owner: Vijay Khandekar

Members: 5,536

A tightly-run group for ecommerce entrepreneurs, Vijay has a low tolerance for promotional content and explicitly bans users who share articles in formats not allowed (other than Google Docs.) Vijay even reviews his members’ email drip campaigns, SEO and Facebook Ads for free.

14. Shopify Freesources

shopify freesources

Owner: Mike Dragich

Members: 7,334

Shopify FREEsources is a community curated collection of free tips, themes, services, apps, and other Shopify resources. It is founded and maintained by ShopaFree, a free service that provides free Shopify setup and design based on the Shopify Partner Program, not your sales.

ReferralCandy, in partnership with ShopaFree, recently collaborated in a webinar focused on providing the community with live feedback on their stores. You can also get great freedback on your store by posting a request in the group.

15. Shopify Newbies

shopify newbies

Owner: Eugene Macarius Tan

Members: 4,052

An ex-agency owner and SEO coach, Eugene Tan was interested in learning how to run Facebook Ads on his Shopify store profitably. Knowing that one of the best ways to learn is to connect with likeminded people and share stories on their journeys, he created this Facebook group.

16. Shopify + Dropshipping Ninjas


Owner: Kevin David

Members: 38,554

Kevin David wants to free as many possible people from the 9-5 slavery and he pledges to solve that by teaching them how to run profitable Shopify stores inside his Facebook group.

17. Shopify Strategy Pros

shopify strategies

Owner: Freddy Lindman

Members: 4,376

Freddy promises to share daily tips related to Shopify inside this group. If you’re struggling with your Shopify store, this is the group for you!

Join One Of These Shopify Facebook Groups Today

Stop trying to figure out all your problems by yourself – and ask for advice from people who have been there, done that.

All you have to do is to pick 1 – 3 Facebook Groups you like from this list, and hit ‘join’.

Then, introduce yourself and begin participating by contributing insights and asking questions.

It’s only a matter of time your Shopify store will start skyrocketing in sales.

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