The Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace

Melinda Curle
Melinda Curle
October 22, 2018
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The Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace

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The best apps in the Magento Marketplace can take your ecommerce store to the next level. Great apps can ensure that your ecommerce store runs effectively and efficiently. We've researched some of the best apps for Magento to help your business run smoothly. Check them out!

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The Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace

1. MageMob App Builder

Having a mobile app for your store can increase sales for you. With MageMob app builder, you don't have to spend thousands to get a mobile app for your store.

The MageMob’s Mobile App Builder can assist you in quickly building your mobile app economically. It enables you to display your products on a variety of blocks. It even has advanced features such as showing customers their recently viewed products. This can increase conversions.

Best apps in the magento marketplace: MageMob

MageMob offers the option for customers to search for products and filter the search results to discover what they are looking for fast. The checkout process is simple. It allows users to save information, such as their address for speedy checkouts in the future.


2. Quotation Manager for Magento 1

For businesses without fixed rate pricing, the Magento 1 extension is a must-have. Quotation manager can save you a lot of time.

  • Hassle-free Submission of Quote
  • Email Notifications on Every Step
  • Manage the details of all your quotes received
  • Communicate with your customers and accept/reject the received quotes from your store’s admin panel.
  • Auto Coupon Code Generation
Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: Quotation Manager for Magento

Quotation manager allows you to keep the pricing of bulk orders discreet while still having them readily available for the customers interested in them. You won't be drowning in quote requests. This extension also enables you to activate one-click order purchasing for customers. This can improve conversions.


3. SEO Hub

Search engine optimization is essential for businesses to be discovered online. SEO Hub is an incredible extension that helps you improve your ranking in the search engines.

best apps in the magento marketplace

This extension will help you optimize:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Heading tags
  • Data feeds
  • URL redirect
  • Generate a sitemap for you that can be updated automatically.


4. Language Translator

Ecommerce allows us to sell to people in other parts of the world. This is amazing, but language can be a huge barrier. The Magento Language Translator assists with worldwide commerce. The extension will automatically translate your pages, product details and the product attributes into the languages of your choice.

That makes Magento Language Translator so valuable. Multi-lingual sites can breathe a sigh of relief—the extension automatically translating your pages, product details, and even product attributes into the languages of your choice.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: Language Translator


5. TaxJar Sales Tax Automator

Sales tax can be very difficult to keep up with. The TaxJar sales tax automator assists with ensuring that you don't end up in a world of hurt by not charging the correct amount of sales tax.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: TaxJar

TaxJar’s Sales Tax Automator features:

  • Automates tax charging
  • Filing and calculation
  • Automatically charge the right amount of taxes to your customers
  • Easily sort customers by state or zip code and file them appropriately.


6. Live Chat

Live chat is extremely important in ecommerce. It allows you to immediately assist your customers with their queries. This can improve customer satisfaction and drive sales too.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace - Live Chat is a free Magento extension that can help you connect with your customers. It enables you to give real-time customer support with a simple, user-friendly interface. Through this chat, you can also collect a customer's name and email, so if you get disconnected, you can follow up.

You can login to live chat through a desktop. Mobile apps are available as well. You can offer customer service everywhere you go.


7. Apptrian Social Integrator

Social media plays an integral role in many ecommerce businesses. Therefore, it is useful to integrate your social media with your ecommerce storefront. Apptrian’s Social Integrator extension provides your Magento site with visual and social improvements and can increase your SEO value. It provides Google rich snippets, Pinterest rich pins, social buttons and icons.

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Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: Apptrion Social Integrator


Add the social buttons of your choice to your site in a variety of different locations, including Follow buttons for LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Again, simple idea, but so important, and this extension gives you a lot of customization options and control.


8. MageMob Admin

Magemob allows you to take your Magento store with you on the go. Mage mob allows you to view your detailed sales reports, manage orders, interact with customers and update inventory through your mobile phone.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: MageMob Admin

9. Magewares Abandoned Cart Email

Abandoned carts can mean lost revenue if you don't follow up. Magewares Abandoned Cart Email Extension will automate the follow up process for you. It can send triggered response emails after a period. This can remind users that they left something in their cart.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: MageWares


10. Zoho CRM

CRM software will provide valuable information for your business. Most importantly, it can assist you in delivering excellent customer service. Zoho CRM is a native Magento extension. It works seamlessly with your site. You won't have to be concerned about integrating a third party tool.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace - Zoho

With Zoho, you can upload customer and lead data with orders and shipping information. Syncing happens automatically. You won't have to worry about it at all.


11. Gift Card

Gift cards are excellent for business. They allow your loyal customers to refer their friends with a gift. Not only is it a great purchase up front, but people tend to spend more than the gift card when they place an order. This ensures that they receive the full value of the card.

The Gift Card extension for Magento 2 will help you give this option to your customers.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: Gift Card

This is a simple extension. It has a great interface and allows customers to send digital gift cards with messages, pre-selected or custom card values. You can also include a preset image.


12. Shipworks

If you sell physical products on your ecommerce store, you will need to ensure that they get shipped. Shipping can be a bigger issue for online retailers worldwide. Shipworks is a Magento plugin that provides the functionality of label creation, sending emails to the customers and updating orders.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: Shipworks

A separate ShipWorks account is required to use this extension. Sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial with ShipWorks today! For additional pricing information, please visit our Pricing Plans.


13. Price Slider

Many customers online will get frustrated by searching for specific product from the e-commerce websites. There can be many particular products in the search results that aren't within your customer's price range. The Magento Price Slider plugin allows the online customers to specify their price range of each item. Therefore, it makes the shopping experience easier for the customer.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: Price Slider

14. Nosto

Nosto provides your customers with personalized product recommendations. 11.5% of e-commerce sales comes from product recommendations according to Marketing Sherpa's 2015 report. Nosto gives recommendations that are based on acutal shopper searches and purchases.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: Nosto

15. Referral Candy

Turn your loyal customers into a sales team with ReferralCandy. You can reward your customers for referring their friends and family to your ecommerce store. This results in increased conversions. Referral candy is easy to set up and integrates well with Magento.

Best Apps in the Magento Marketplace: ReferralCandy

Ready to earn more from referral sales? Try out ReferralCandy free for 30-days.

16. Omnisend

When it’s time to graduate from the batch and blast email newsletters to intelligent targeting and omnichannel communication, Omnisend is the app for you.


More than just basic email campaigns, Omnisend allows you to connect with your customers across a variety of channels including SMS, Facebook, and Google retargeting.


Features include:

  • Intuitive drag and drop email campaign builder
  • Automated email & SMS flows for cart abandonment, welcome, order confirmation, and many more
  • Customer segmentation targeting based on site tracking, campaign behavior, profile data, and customizable fields so you can segment on anything
  • Integrations with your store to recommend product directly from your merchandise line
  • Browse and cart abandonment product recommendations
  • A/B Testing
  • Discounts through gamification like a wheel of fortune and an unwrappable gift
  • Customizable landing page and popup box templates
  • Smart campaign performance insights and reports

You’ll have to create your account with Omnisend and then connect your Magento store in. You can try a free full-featured account for 14 days. After your trial, you can choose either a free plan, which allows you to send up to 2000 emails per day and 15,000 emails a month, or a paid plan.


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