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Referral Program Template – Examples Of All You’ll Need To Get Started

Thinking of putting together a referral program, but not quite sure what to expect, and hoping to have some sort of template to follow?

We got you covered.

What are the things you’ll need in a referral program template?

You’ll need…

  • Referral incentives – the rewards that you’ll be giving your Advocates and their Friends
  • Referral program signup page – a place for Advocates to signup to your referral program
    • Referral program access page – a page for Advocates to check on their status of their referrals
  • Referral emails – to send your customers their referral link
    • Reward emails – to let them know their reward is pending, successful or cancelled
    • Reminder emails – to ask them for referrals, again
  • Referral sharing messages – default phrasing for your advocates to use when sharing their referral links online

ReferralCandy makes it easy for you to produce all of the above assets, with easy-to-use template editors.

Sample referral incentives:

There are two sets of incentives you need to decide on:

  1. the Referral Reward, given to the advocate who refers their friend, and
  2. the Friend Offer, which the friend gets upon being referred.

How do you decide on these rewards?

  • If your advocates are likely to make repeat purchases, give discounts to encourage them.
    • If your product costs more than $100, a flat discount is usually more enticing ($500 off a $2,000 laptop)
    • If your product costs less than $100, a percentage discount is usually better ($10 off a $50 t-shirt is better phrased as 20% off)
  • If your advocates are unlikely to make repeat purchases, give cash.
  • If you’re doing preorders, consider giving cash discounts on the advocates’ existing preorder.
  • Remember to focus on your customers’ interests and motivations.

Learn more about setting referral incentives.

Sample referral emails:

These are the emails that you send your Advocates after they’ve signed up for your referral program.

The job of this email is to convince them to share the Referral Link with their friends.

This is what it looks like in ReferralCandy’s email editor:

And here are some examples of what they can look like after editing:

ZOOSHOO’s referral email:


ZOOSHOO is a retailer that sells all sorts of stylish women’s shoes.

Leonisa’s referral email:


Leonisa is one of the most popular lingerie brands in Latin America.

Brooklinen’s referral email

Brooklinen sells high quality sheets and bedding at affordable prices.

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Sample referral calls-to-action:

Everlane’s referral CTA is in its navigation bar:

Everlane homepage referral program CTA

Brode Electrolyte Vitamins uses a pop-up widget:

Brode Electrolyte Vitamin homepage

Brode used a referral program pop-up widget, so the CTA will always be accessible no matter which part of the site the visitor is at.

Learn more about referral calls-to-action.

Sample friend landing pages:

This is what the default looks like, without editing:

GREATS’ Friend Landing Page:


Driftaway Coffee’s Friend Landing Page:


Flat Tummy Tea’s Friend Landing Page:


Strong use of a ‘hero image’ with a very strong call to action, and it’s very consistent with the rest of their branding.

You can build a Friend Landing Page easily and intuitively with ReferralCandy’s page editor.

Check out 30+ more examples of Friend Landing Pages.

Sample referral sharing message:

Check out 120+ more examples of referral sharing messages.

Further reading:

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