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50 Beautiful Shopify Websites That Are Killing It (And Look Good Too)

Stuck on your own Shopify website and need some inspiration to design something breathtaking?

Then, take a leaf out of some of the most beautiful websites that exist on Shopify.

While you should not copy any of the designs that are already being used, there is no reason why you cannot be inspired by them to create your own.

Scroll through these 50 different website designs and see how they combine stunning photography, sexy copy and a beautiful design to bring out the best in their brand – and motivate their customers to make a purchase at their store.

(I’ve also included the Shopify themes they used so you can see how they have managed to transform a “classic” theme into something dazzling.)


(NOTE: Some of the websites below use ReferralCandy as their referral program software. If you’re interested to learn how to set it up for your own Shopify store, here’s a quick setup guide.)

50 Of The Best Shopify Websites To Inspire You

1. Rothy’s

Shopify Theme: Custom

Rothy’s is a store that sells washable ballet flats made from recycled materials.

(NOTE: Rothy’s uses ReferralCandy for their referral program!)

2. DeathWish Coffee

Shopify Theme: Custom

DeathWish Coffee sells the world’s strongest coffee.

3. Endy Sleep

Shopify Theme: Custom

Endy Sleep sells mattresses.

4. PopSockets

Shopify Theme: Custom

PopSockets is a stylish phone accessory that allows you to do more with your phones.

5. DockATot

Shopify Theme: Retina

DockATot sells a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock for babies.

(NOTE: DockATot uses ReferralCandy for their referral program!)

6. Guava Family

Shopify Theme: Custom

Guava Family sells travel cribs.

7. Fit Tea

Shopify Theme: Custom

Fit Tea sells all-natural detox tea.

8. ekoWorx

Shopify Theme: Eastside Co.

ekoWorx sells eco-friendly universal surface cleaner.

9. Bison Coolers

Shopify Theme: Parallax

Bison Coolers sells coolers.

10. Kuna

Shopify Theme: Custom

Kuna is a smart home security system that prevents break-ins.

(NOTE: Kuna uses ReferralCandy for their referral program!)

11. Triangl

Shopify Theme: Custom

Triangl sells bikinis.

12. Sparx

Shopify Theme: Custom

Sparx sells skate sharpeners for hockey players.

13. Keen Home

Shopify Theme: Custom

Keen Home creates smart zoning for your home and helps you achieve the perfect temperature in any room.

14. Fuggin Vapor Co.

Shopify Theme: StackandSizzle

Fuggin Vapor Co. sells vapes and e-cigarettes.

15. HayChix

Shopify Theme: Mobilia

HayChix sells a slow feeder hay nets for your horse and livestock.

(NOTE: HayChix uses ReferralCandy for their referral program!)

16. Helen Ficalora

Shopify Theme: Custom

Helen Ficalora sells jewellery.

17. St. Frank

Shopify Theme: Custom

St. Frank sells beautiful, handcrafted home decor.

18. Mgramcases

Shopify Theme: Active Theme

Mgramcases sells monogram phone cases.

19. Seek The Uniq

Shopify Theme: Custom

Seek The Uniq sells women’s clothing.

20. Flat Tummy Co.

Shopify Theme: Custom

Flat Tummy Tea sells detox tea.

(NOTE: Flat Tummy Tea uses ReferralCandy for their referral program!)

21. Blanqi

Shopify Theme: Custom

Blanqi sells nursing and maternity clothes.

22. Dona Jo

Shopify Theme: Custom

Dona Jo sells women’s workout clothing.

23. The Ghostly Store

Shopify Theme: Custom

The Ghostly Store sells clothing, music and art by Ghostly International.

24. The Ollie World

Shopify Theme: Custom

The Ollie World sells swaddles.

(NOTE: The Ollie World uses ReferralCandy for their referral program!)

25. The Angel Curves

Shopify Theme: Custom

The Angel Curves sells waist trainers and cinchers.

26. Alpaca Direct

Shopify Theme: Custom

Alpaca Direct sells alpaca yarns and socks.

27. Lucky Tackle Box

Shopify Theme: Custom

Lucky Tackle Box is a monthly fishing subscription box.

28. Hidrate Spark

Shopify Theme: Custom

Hidrate Spark sells a smart water bottle.

29. Tuner Crate

Shopify Theme: Illiminate

Tuner Crate sells an automotive apparel subscription box.

30. Youfoodz

Shopify Theme: Custom

Youfoodz sells a meal delivery service.

(NOTE: Youfoodz uses ReferralCandy for their referral program!)


Shopify Theme: Custom

JRINK sells cold-pressed juice delivery.

32. Lootaku

Shopify Theme: Retina

Lootaku sells a monthly subscription box with geek and gamer loot.

33. Binxy Baby

Shopify Theme: Retina

Binxy Baby sells baby shopping cart hammocks.

(NOTE: Binxy Baby uses ReferralCandy for their referral program!)

34. Wine Central

Shopify Theme: Custom

Wine Central sells New Zealand wine at great prices.

35. SafeSleeve

Shopify Theme: Custom

SafeSleeve sells anti-radiation phone cases and protective laptop cases.

36. Noémie

Shopify Theme: Kagami

Noémie sells jewellery.

37. Physiclo

Shopify Theme: Fashionopolism

Physiclo sells unique compression tights.

38. LIFX

Shopify Theme: Custom

LIFX sells Wi-Fi enabled smart LED lights.

39. Acton Global

Shopify Theme: Custom

Acton sells electric skateboard and related gears.

(NOTE: Acton Global uses ReferralCandy for their referral program!)

40. True Glory Hair

Shopify Theme: Motion

True Glory Hair sells virgin hair.

41. Pretty Litter

Shopify Theme: Custom

Pretty Litter sells health-monitoring cat litter.

42. Furbo

Shopify Theme: Custom

Furbo sells a interactive pet camera.

43. Brydge Keyboards

Shopify Theme: Parallax

Brydge Keyboards sell bluetooth-enabled keyboards for iPads and Surface Pro tablets.

44. Tiki Hut Coffee

Shopify Theme: Custom

Tiki Hut Coffee sells Keurig K-Cups, flavia, coffee pods and K-Cup brewers.

45. Concealment Express

Shopify Theme: Custom

Concealment Express sells KYDEX IWB holsters.

46. Thrive Causemetics

Shopify Theme: Custom

Thrive Causemetics sells cosmetics.

(NOTE: Thrive Causemetics uses ReferralCandy for their referral program!)

47. PatchPanel

Shopify Theme: Pipeline

PatchPanel sells custom PVC, embroidered, lasercut, and high visibility patches.

48. Perfect Keto

Shopify Theme: Custom

Perfect Keto sells exogenous ketones.

49. SivanaSpirit

Shopify Theme: Custom

SivanaSpirit sells healing jewelry and conscious gifts.

50. Christy Dawn

Shopify Theme: Mote

Christy Dawn sells dresses.

Get Inspired By These 50 Top Shopify Websites

Don’t just scroll through these websites and wait for inspiration to drop.

Observe and analyze carefully how these websites have managed to bring out their brand personality and still motivate customers to buy, and buy more.

Once you’ve identified these patterns of success, apply them to your website and soon, you’ll have a beautiful + high-converting website to shout about.


Want more? Check out success stories, step-by-step guides and case studies on our Ultimate Shopify Marketing Resource.
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