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Best Ecommerce Blogs: Top 24 Blogs You Must Follow In 2021

top ecommerce blogs

A while ago, we aggregated our favorite marketing blogs in 55 Top Marketing Blogs You MUST Follow. It was rather popular, getting over 1,000 shares. So we thought we’d do the same for ecommerce blogs, too.

Here we go:

1. A Better Lemonade Stand – Practical Ecommerce Advice

ecommerce blog

ABLS is run by Richard Lazazzera. Richard used to do content for Shopify, and one of his best performing series was when he tried to build an eCommerce brand from scratch (Finch Goods Co) and documented the entire process. He reported his revenue and the outcome of his marketing efforts, and the whole endeavor is just a great story worth following.

2. eCommerceFuel – Build a Store, Change Your Life

best ecommerce blog

Run by Andrew Youderian and Laura Serrino, eCommerceFuel provides you with a lot of insight and easy to understand guides for getting started with eCommerce.  They also notably run a private, vetted forum for store owners and eCommerce professionals.

3. eCommerce Platforms – Reviews, News & Comparisons

ecommerce platform

Ecommerce Platforms has all of the content you’d expect from a quality eCommerce blog, but their crowning glory is without a doubt their comprehensive, side-by-side comparison of 10 eCommerce platforms across 9 variables. Epic.

4. Neil Patel – Analytics, Marketing & Testing


Neil Patel runs a very analytics-driven blog, and they have a pretty substantial eCommerce section well worth checking out.

5. Drew Sanocki/Nerd Marketing – Growth Hacks For Ecommerce Executives

top ecommerce blog

Drew Sanocki doesn’t post every day, but when he does, it’s very thorough content that’s definitely worth your time. He interviewed over 30+ retail experts to ask them about the biggest opportunities in eCommerce right now, which we loved so much that we simply had to make an infographic out of it.

6. Get Elastic – #1 Subscribed Ecommerce Blog

ecommerce website

Managed by Linda Bustos, Get Elastic is a no-brainer: It’s an AdAge Power 150 ranked blog, was named the #1 Ecommerce Blog by PostRank, and was named one of the 15 entrepreneur blogs worth reading by the Wall Street Journal.

7. Shopify – Ecommerce Marketing Blog

shopify blog

Shopify’s blog is quite a rallying point for eCommerce agents and professionals- there are often interesting discussions in the comments. Also, they have arguably the best Dropshipping guide in existence.

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8. Bigcommerce – Ecommerce, Marketing & Selling Online

bigcommerce blog

As one of the larger eCommerce service providers around, Bigcommerce’s eCommerce blog is definitely worth reading. A nice mix of interesting case studies and inspirational posts.

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9. HubSpot – Inbound How-To & Etail Therapy

hubspot blog

HubSpot is the masters of inbound marketing- they effectively coined and popularized the term. They have a lovely library of eCommerce-related information, and it’s quite a pleasure to navigate and read.

10. Volusion – Online Business & Ecommerce Blog

online business blog

Volusion’s eCommerce blog, The Ecommerce Authority, includes webinars and even predictions of their own– Volusion predicts 9% online growth for small-to-medium businesses this coming holiday season.

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11. Groove – Creative Marketing, Design & Development

online store blog

Groove offers professional marketing solutions for businesses that need that extra push. Their eCommerce blog features live chats with CEOs, as well as content that’s both entertaining (with relevant pop culture references) and informative.

12. Tidio Blog

marketing blog

Tidio’s blog is a knowledge hub for e-commerce businesses looking for practical solutions to generate new leads, communicate better with their customers, and sell more. The content team explains seemingly complex technology such as chatbots in simple terms and shows you step-by-step how to use them to your advantage.

13. Internet Retailer – Industry Strategies for Online Merchants

online merchant blog

InternetRetailer.com has a classy and highly-technical vibe to it. We especially love how they have an entire segment dedicated to “Charts + Data”. Cool, clinical, and full of data.

14. Practical Ecommerce – Insights for Online Merchants

advise for online merchant

Practical Ecommerce is one of the older players around, clocking in at a hefty 9 years, during which they must’ve hosted hundreds of webinars. The tone is straightforward, down-to-earth. An asset.

15. Bootstrapping Ecommerce – Bootstrap Your Ecommerce Business To Success

bootstrapping blog

Bootstrapping Ecommerce is a blog by Shabbir Nooruddin. His bootstrapping focus provides a great jumping-off point for individuals starting new businesses from scratch.

16. ReferralCandy – Get More Word-of-Mouth

referral candy blog

ReferralCandy is, of course, our very own blog on ecommerce, marketing and word-of-mouth! We’ve been publishing since 2013, and have published hundreds of blog posts on how to market on ecommerce, how to get more word-of-mouth for your store and how to execute referral marketing flawlessly.

17. AcquireConvert – Shopify Marketing Strategies

shopify marketing strategy

AcquireConvert is the brainchild of Giles Thomas, an eCommerce growth consultant. He is also the founder of Whole Design Studios, a growth agency, and is a Google Marketing Expert. His knowledge and insights on marketing will help you figure out the best marketing strategies and tactics you could be using for your store.

18. Inflow – Tested and proven strategies for your store

marketing blog

Inflow is the blog of the award-winning eCommerce marketing agency based in Denver. With years of experience running paid advertising, AdWords, SEO, and inbound marketing, Inflow writes about what they’ve discovered over the years – and how you can apply that knowledge to your own store.

19. BoldCommerce – Take your eCommerce business to the next level

boldcommerce blog

The BoldCommerce blog is the home of BoldCommerce, an agency that develops Shopify apps, as well as help businesses with basic online store setup, custom design, and development solutions. Their posts are backed by real-world data and interviews with hundreds of online store owners.

20. SmartMarketer – Smart marketing tactics to grow your online store

online store blog

The SmartMarketer blog is the brainchild of entrepreneur and internet marketer Ezra Firestone, an established eCommerce marketer. Ezra produces tons of high-quality video posts that talk about everything from marketing to running an online business as an entrepreneur.

21. Prisync Blog – Pricing Strategies, Tips & Insights

prisync marketing blog

The Prisync Blog has pricing tips and strategies you’d need from an E-commerce blog. They get these insights due to their pricing software and close partnerships in the industry. Their posts include case-studies, actionable strategies, and 101 posts that will help almost all online store owners.

22. E-Commerce Times – E-Business Means Business

ecommerce must read

Frequently updated by industry experts and professionals, E-Commerce Times gives you all the latest insight and happenings in the world of technological giants, and how they’re progressing alongside their eCommerce journey. Very professional, corporate vibe.

23. Cloudways Blog – Ecommerce Industry News, Tips, and Trends.

The Cloudways Ecommerce Blog focuses on the latest trends and guides in the ecommerce space and touches on a range of topics. It might be a hosting company, but you will find guides and articles on a diverse range of topics, ranging from dropshipping to website design and management.

24. Qode Magazine

Qode Magazine is a hub for all things WordPress. While not a pure eCommerce blog, Qode Magazine is an extremely useful resource for anyone using the WordPress CMS. 

If you’re in need of design inspiration for your online shop, practical how-tos, plugin recommendations, or advice on how to best run and manage a WordPress-powered store, you’ll find it all here. 

The blog is written by Qode Interactive, creator of some of the bestselling WordPress themes, who have been in the WordPress game for over a decade– so you can be certain they know what they’re talking about!   

P.S. We also curated a list of our favorite ecommerce communities. Ecommerce is hard. Don’t go alone.


Visakan Veerasamy

Visa is ReferralCandy's former Blog Editor [2013–2018]. He also co-founded Statement.sg, a fashion ecommerce label selling witty t-shirts. He's mildly Internet-famous for his elaborate Twitter threads. He hopes to enjoy a glass of scotch onboard a commercial space flight someday.


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