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ReferralCandy X ReCharge: Introducing Hassle-Free Customer Referrals For Subscription Box Services

ReCharge is a recurring billing solution that seamlessly integrates with Shopify stores. It allows subscription services to manage highly customized billing.

Customers can change the frequency, quantity and delivery schedule of their subscription product, skip or reschedule deliveries and so on.

What does ReferralCandy have to do with this? Well, it turns out that customer referrals work particularly well for subscription services! (Check out our post with examples of referral programs in subscription services.)

There are many subscription services that use ReCharge to manage billing AND ReferralCandy to manage their referral campaigns.

This is a solution that works great for them, and it can work well for any successful subscription business.

Here’s how to integrate ReferralCandy and ReCharge:

1. Go to your ReCharge dashboard add-on page, and click the ReferralCandy link there:



2. Install ReferralCandy:


3. Go to your ReCharge dashboard in Shopify.


4. Insert your ReferralCandy tokens.

5. Finish configuring referral campaign and activate it.

That’s it!

Customer referrals are proof that retailers have built something that their customers love.

We all look forward to helping subscription retailers build and grow their businesses!


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