Ecommerce Mistakes #2: Marketing Mistakes [Infographic]

Desmond Chua
Desmond Chua
February 7, 2014
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Ecommerce Mistakes #2: Marketing Mistakes [Infographic]

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Getting your ecommerce business up and running is merely the beginning. As a retailer, you can't just set up your store online and expect people to flood in. You need to reach out to customers by marketing.

In the second part of our infographic series, we identify the most common ecommerce marketing mistakes that retailers commit. Let's see what they are!

Ultimate guide to ecommerce mistakes: Marketing

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Text: The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Mistakes – Marketing Mistakes

1: Non-existent marketing

"Just because you have a product and a website does not necessarily mean anyone will find it." –

2: Lazy, unethical marketing

"You may draw some traffic (by spamming), but you will also label yourself to a million people as dishonest and amateurish." – Paul Graham, YCombinator

3: Over-reliance on a few sources of traffic

"Google changes its algorithms frequently. If you depend on organic referrals from Google, your revenue can tank in a single day." – Dale Traxler,

4: Insufficient planning and poor execution

"Marketing is critical but it must be done correctly to gain the maximum benefit." – Eric Leunberger

To get customers to your door, your marketing must:

  • Be planned well in advance
  • Target get the right audience
  • Deliver the right message
  • Be spread across various channels

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Mistakes series

Desmond Chua
Desmond Chua

Desmond is the co-founder of, a fashion ecommerce brand selling witty t-shirts. He strives to design the best ReferralCandy experience to help you acquire more customers. He also practises parkour with MOVE Academy Singapore in his free time.

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