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25 Best Marketing Blogs You Should Be Following


Out adrift in in the vast sea of online content, it’s very easy to suffer from content overload.

“What should I read?”

“Who should I follow?”

“How will I know if their advice is helpful?”

To save you the trouble, we decided to compile a list of our own favorite blogs that we follow!

We feature these blogs for their thought leadership and/or breathtaking presentation. They’ve helped us gain new perspectives and improved the way we work– and we’re betting you’ll experience the same thing.

Without further ado, here are 25 of the best marketing blogs that every marketer should read:

Blogs about Marketing

1. Quick Sprout – Your guide to boosting web traffic

Quick Sprout’s focus is helping readers get more web traffic. It’s created by the very experienced Neil Patel who co-founded Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics.

Quick Sprout has some of the most comprehensive and polished guides on topics like SEO, content marketing, link building, and so on.

Some of their popular posts include:

2. Adhere Creative – Inbound marketing & brand development made to stick

Adhere Creative blog home page screenie

Adhere Creative is all about brand development and inbound marketing. It’s  managed by a team of talented writers, including Nathan Yerian (Director of Strategy), Matthew Lee (Director of Marketing), and three marketing managers: Eunice David, Ericka Lewis, and Aaron Mireles.

Some popular articles on their blog include:

3. Duct Tape Marketing – Expert tips for small businesses

Duct Tape blog home page screen

Duct Tape Marketing dispenses practical advice for small businesses written by John Jantsch and other guest writers.

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author for books such as “Duct Tape Marketing“, “The Commitment Engine” and “The Referral Engine“.

Read these first:

4. A Better Lemonade Stand – Practical ecommerce solutions

A Better Lemonade Stand blog home page screen

A Better Lemonade Stand produces articles pertaining to digital marketing and ecommerce.

Richard Lazazzera started the blog to document his thoughts and experiences in digital marketing and ecommerce, as well as educate and inspire others.

If you want to know about how to optimize your ecommerce business, do check out posts like:

5. Copyblogger – Creating killer online content

Copyblogger home page screen

Copyblogger is popularly regarded as the Godfather of content. Having been around since 2006, they are the “most popular content marketing and writing blog on the planet”.

Copyblogger founder, Brian Clark, continues to contribute content for the blog today.

Popular posts include:

6. Buffer – Social media tools and hacks

Buffer blog home page screen

The Buffer blog delivers articles with effective and actionable social media tips to help you get ahead of the game.

Courtney Seiter, Head of Content Marketing for Buffer, maintains the blog, ensuring that it delivers quality content to readers.

Insightful posts include:

7. Shopify – Ecommerce marketing for small businesses


Shopify blog home page screen

The Shopify blog focuses on information that small ecommerce business owners would find useful. They recently started a video series titled “How to create a successful pop-up store“.

The blog is maintained by an in-house editorial team and writers, but accepts guest writers as well!

Read these first:

8. Bluleadz – Inbound marketing tips & advice

Bluleadz blog home page screen

Articles by Bluleadz focus on inbound marketing, helping marketers to improve brand awareness and bring in more traffic.

The Bluleadz blog content is mainly headed by writers Doug Philips and Alex Dunn, with the occasional post by founder and CEO Eric Baum and web design manager Chad Pierce.

Some of their good posts include:

9. Convince & Convert – Digital marketing advice

Convince & Convert blog home page screen

The folks at Convince & Convert are digital marketing advisors, who help marketers level up their social media and content marketing.

The blog content strategy is overseen by Managing Editor Jess Ostroff, but delivers content produced by the entire team, as well as guest writers.

Their articles focus on just that, with posts such as:

10. KISSmetrics – The data & analytics digest

KISSmetrics blog home page screen

Like their main product, the KISSmetrics blog is known for their data and analytics articles.

They also have three main categories: Infographics, Marketing Guides, and Webinars. These ensure that you’ll always get the latest information in their most digestible forms!

Some of their latest posts include:

11. ConversionXL – Conversion optimization junkie

ConversionXL blog home page screen

As the name suggests, ConversionXL’s aim is to help readers optimize their conversion rates.

At the head of ConversionXL is Peep Laja, a self-professed “conversion optimization junkie”. He is also the founder of Markitekt, a data-driven agency that helps ecommerce and SaaS companies grow.

Some of their all-time favorite posts are:

12. RocketWatcher – Marketing tips that launch B2Bs to the stars

RocketWatcher home page screen

RocketWatcher covers marketing topics, but with a focus on startups. Some key articles include advice on marketing your startup and startup branding.

April Dunford, founder of RocketWatcher, is also an avid speaker at startup and marketing events. Her talks can be found here.

Some of her more recent posts include:

13. Help Scout – Insights into customer service & loyalty

Help Scout blog home page screen

Building customer loyalty is Help Scout’s forte. Their blog empowers readers to do so with helpful tips on creating memorable customer experiences and about appealing to them.

The blog content for Help Scout is headed by Gregory Ciotti, whose essays have been published on sites like FastCompany, Inc, Forbes, etc.

Read these first:

14. Neuromarketing – Psychology-based marketing tips

Neuromarketing blog home page screen

Combining neuroscience and other aspects of psychology with marketing, Neuromarketing produces articles that are backed by science and scrutinzed fiercely by a scientific lens.

Roger Dooley, the brains behind Neuromarketing, is also president of Dooley Direct LLC, an Austin-based marketing consultancy.

Currently, they also curate research-backed online content that provide psychological insights into marketing. Some articles include:

15. ReferralCandy – Referral marketing & word of mouth

ReferralCandy blog home page screen

If you don’t already know, ReferralCandy (that’s us!) specializes in customer acquisition through automated word-of-mouth referrals.

Our blog started out covering a wide range of topics, including, content marketing, social issues in ecommerce, and more, but we’re now focusing on word-of-mouth.

Some popular posts include:

Blogs by Influential Marketers

16. Seth Godin

Seth Godin blog home page

Seth Godin is the author of 17 best-selling books (The Dip, Purple Cow, The Icarus Deception, etc.)

In his blog, he presents useful marketing tips and ideas on how to change the way you think. His posts are always short but punchy and insightful, making it very helpful and shareable at the same time.

His recent posts include:

17. Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield blog home page screen

Amy Porterfield is an author (Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) and social media strategist. You can expect meaty tips and advice from her blog that’ll help you get the most out of social media.

She also has a popular podcast segment, where industry players will be invited to share their insights and tips on a wide range of topics.

Some of her popular blog posts are:

18. Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki blog home page screen

Guy Kawasaki is the author of more than 10 books, some of which include: APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions. He was famously known as the chief evangelist of Apple, subsequently becoming an Apple Fellow.

His blog covers many topics, but his best articles are those about evangelism: making someone fall in love with your idea, and then spreading it to others on their own will, without any reward.

Some of his latest articles include:

19. Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen blog home page screen

As mentioned on her blog header, Heidi Cohen focuses on marketing tips that are actionable. These tips span over a range of topics, namely social media, content marketing and mobile platforms.

Read these first:

20. Danny Brown

Danny Brown blog home page screen

Danny Brown is a best-selling author (The Parables of Business; Influence Marketing), speaker as well as award-winning marketer and blogger. His blog has also been recognized as a top marketing blog by Hubspot and Social Media Examiner.

Covering topics like marketing, blogging tips and influence, some of his posts include:

21. Andy Sernovitz

Andy Sernovitz's Damn I Wish blog home page screen

Andy Sernovitz is the CEO of socialmedia.org and wordofmouth.org, and the author of “Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking”.

Teaching you how to optimize your marketing and word of mouth sharing, his blog includes posts like:

22. Philip Graves

Philip Graves blog home page screen

Philip Graves specializes in Consumer Behavior: the study of how consumers make purchasing decisions. He has been described as one of the top consumer behavior experts.

One of his books, Consumer.ology, was named one of Amazon’s top ten best business books of the year in 2010!

Some of his consumer behavior articles in his blog include:

23. Brian Solis

Brian Solis blog home page screen

Brian Solis is a widely respected digital analyst, speaker and author, known for his insights into the impacts that disruptive technology have on businesses and society.

His blog has a strong focus on disruptive technology, with articles like:

24. Peter Kim

Being Peter Kim blog home page screen

Peter Kim is currently the Chief Digital Officer at Cheil Worldwide, a marketing solutions company.

In his blog, Peter Kim talks about a wide range of topics, covering marketing, writing, how-to guides, his personal experiences, etc.

Read these first:

25. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas blog home page screen

Jeff Bullas is a blogger, author, speaker and strategist that helps companies to improve their online presence and branding.

His blog focuses on social media marketing, content marketing and digital marketing.

Some of his most popular posts include:

Bonus blogs!

26. Canvas8

Canvas8 home page

Canvas8 provides behavioral insights pertaining to business and marketing. It was founded by Nick Morris, but is powered by an awesome team of individuals with different specialties and from all over the world.

While not as marketing- or ecommerce-centric as marketing blogs, the Canvas8 blog talks about interesting trends tech, business, sports, and how it relates to human behavior.

Some notable posts are:

27. Model View Culture

Model View Culture home page screen

Model View Culture features technologists, activists, writers, educators and artists, who talk about culture, politics, tech and social issues. These topics are categorized into “issues”, focusing on the relationship between the different factors.

Shanley Kane, founder and CEO of Model View Culture, is a cultural critic and feminist, who specializes in cultural and political writing, editing, as well as startup operations.

Their most recent issue, Social Media, includes articles like:

These blogs are excellent entry points to leaner and meaner marketing. Let us know if there are any particular blogs you feel should be on this list.

Happy reading!


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