Digital Aged Diamond: Tiffany & Co. Embraced Online Marketing

Michelle Koh
Michelle Koh
July 27, 2016
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Digital Aged Diamond: Tiffany & Co. Embraced Online Marketing

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When we think of “tiffany blue”, we think of Tiffany & Co. and its quaint and elegant blue packages. This particular pastel shade of blue has developed a strong association with the prestigious American jewelry-maker.

For its customers, “tiffany blue” has become synonymous with Tiffany & Co., a company famous for its refined jewellery and immaculate brand image.

As the luxury market begins its foray into cyberspace, social media, and online marketing, how has Tiffany & Co. maintained its high standards in service and product?

1. Tiffany & Co. was a pioneer in online marketing within the luxury industry

While few purchase jewelries online, the figures are nevertheless, steadily increasing.

Online marketing strategies now appear increasingly important in acquiring new customers and facilitating existing sales.



In this regard, Tiffany & Co. took online marketing and sales seriously, the first among luxury brands to do so.

Initially, its online marketing was criticized as impersonal and dour, but Tiffany has changed considerably.

The company has launched numerous digital marketing campaigns, initiated celebrity ambassadorships, and engaged social media sites.

Its latest marketing scheme, the “Will You?” campaign, was a wild success. It featured a diverse range of real-life couples, including same-sex ones. The campaign projected sentiment, emotion, and romance.

Tiffany’s online marketing have also been greatly accentuated by well-produced video campaigns.

The “Will You?” campaign was accompanied by videos featuring anxious couples being separated, only to be reunited by love and of course, Tiffany jewelry. The videos were viral successes, reaching millions of eyes, and generating similar levels of word-of-mouth.

2. Have social media accounts… and then what?

Across the board, Tiffany & Co. ranked highest in terms of engagement and responsiveness within the social media sphere. These characteristics prove extremely useful for Tiffany.

According to James Lovejoy, a Brandwatch researcher, “it is definitely important that a brand doesn’t just ignore their consumers online.

“However, thinking more broadly,” Lovejoy continued, “responsiveness is at the core of a successful social intelligence program”.


Amidst the cacophony of noise and voice in the social media sphere, how Tiffany responds to online inquiries and trends could set it apart from its competitors.

Additionally, how Tiffany designs its online purchasing process can ease user experiences, an important distinction when one considers how tedious online shopping can be.

In this regard, Tiffany took an unprecedented step for a luxury jewelry-maker. It decided that product experience need not be confined to a physical store.


The Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder app. Image:

It quickly launched the engagement ring finder app in 2015. The app provided a convenient way to choose ring styles and carat weights. It even allowed users to take hand-selfies to virtually ‘try on’ Tiffany rings.

The innovative app was well-received by the public, generating considerable hype and word-of-mouth. It also helped that Tiffany maintains a strong media presence.

The result of Tiffany’s strategies was a whopping 20% increase in sales!

What’s next?



According to a Mckinsey research study, consumers have responded well to online marketing by luxury brands despite the latter’s late start.

In 2015, it was revealed that 50% of sales in luxury goods were influenced by online advertising, marketing, and word-of-mouth.

With a future as glittery as their diamonds, Tiffany & Co. would do well to maintain and innovate their online engagement and marketing.


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Michelle Koh
Michelle Koh

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