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How Seatgeek Sells >$13m Of Tickets Every Month

Michelle Koh
Michelle Koh
August 22, 2016
2 min read
How Seatgeek Sells >$13m Of Tickets Every Month

Person A: “I copped Kobe’s last game on Seatgeek and with a promo code!!”

Person B: “No way!”

Person A: “Yes! Here let me pull up the app on my phone for you.”

This is a real conversation that happens all the time. You see, the people at Seatgeek know just how you feel when you miss out on a show because tickets were sold out or that you couldn’t stay awake to snatch ‘em up.

Recognizing the dire need for a third-party ticket coordinator in the ticketing market in New York City, Seatgeek rose to great success through their word of mouth strategies – in 2014, they were selling up to $13million worth of tickets every month.

Provide such a fantastic service that people can’t stop talking about you


— Chris Denker (@thechrisdenker) August 22, 2016

Seatgeek knows this. Their confidence in relying on“organic word-of-mouth” marketing strategies is backed by their absolute confidence in being ace at what they do – but how is it that they actually do it?

Incredibly personalized and intricate user experience


Because the online ticketing market is an incredibly niche market, Seatgeek leverages on its ability to go a step further and offer personalized services, catering to every possible taste.

As a ticket buyer, one is able to customize his event discovery based on an app interface that is responsive and receptive to user taste and preferences. This means that if I’m ecstatic over my last minute cop, my friend is likely to hear about it, and more, and more friends too.

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Build up an online ticketing community

Just late last year, Seatgeek introduced a platform for people to sell their tickets. This greatly increased its word-of-mouth referrals simply expanding its consumer reach and bringing more people into an ever-expanding online community for ticket sales.

Allowing the individual to participate seems simple enough, but think of the hits generated as the people themselves boost their own sale page in turn drawing in more traffic and attention to Seatgeek as a host!

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Reward people for talking about you!

Giving people a space to engage with each other is great, but giving people a reason to talk about you in that space is even greater.

With their wildly successful affiliate partner program, Seatgeek and its partners share a mutually beneficial relationship – partners (read: people who are read/seen/heard) earn a cut from every referral that they make while Seatgeek benefits from getting even more customers.

Think of the amount of organic word-of-mouth that grows and grows – friends sharing good stuff with friends and friends sharing referral codes with each other… The customer reach is nearly unstoppable.


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Michelle Koh
Michelle Koh

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