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ReferralCandy Product Update [Jan 2021]: Send Emails through your Own Domain!

Zach Cheng
Zach Cheng
February 2, 2021
2 min read
ReferralCandy Product Update [Jan 2021]: Send Emails through your Own Domain!

Latest Update: January

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January 2021 Updates

Send referral emails through your own domain! ✉️

[video width="800" height="500" mp4=""][/video]


We've developed a feature to allow you to use your domain when sending emails. This offers more customization and branding from your referral emails, replacing our candymail system.

Sign up for Beta Access now, and start sending your branded referral emails.

NB: You may need developer assistance for this step.


December Updates

Get more referrals with our Embedded Signup⚡

Prompt customers to spread the word about your store with our Embedded Signup.

embedded signups

Read more about getting set up at our help article.

Try it out now ↗︎

Upgrade: Magento Integration 🧩

Connecting Magento to ReferralCandy is better with our upgraded module.

magento integration

Check on what we've been working on

September Updates

More Control over Email Settings

You now have more control over emails sent to your customers. You can enable or disable them from Email Settings in the Dashboard 👇🏼

Want more Referrals? Use our Post Purchase Popup! 🔥

The best time to ask for a referral is after a sale. Right after your customers complete their purchase, use our Post Purchase Popup to ask for a referral.

Our Popup is easy to implement and works in combination with our Post Purchase Email. Read more here!

post purchase popup

Try it out now ↗︎

Product Upgrade: Our dashboards load much faster

referralcandy updates product dashboard speed update gif

Your dashboards now load much faster than before.
How fast? Click the button and try it out yourself! 👇

Try it out now ↗︎

July 2021 Updates:

Consent for GDPR Cookies 🍪

This feature will help you adhere to cookie compliance laws set by such standards as GDPR and CCPA. With this feature enabled it will allow you to obtain consent from your customers for the use of our cookies. Learn More

referralcandy product updates cookie consent gift GDPR

Turn on the cookie consent banner on your friend landing pages and start getting their consent today!👇

Try it out now ↗︎

Recharge your Referral program effortlessly ⚡️

ReferralCandy and ReCharge have teamed up to provide you with a referral solution that works for your Shopify store and also works with recurring subscription charges. Learn More

recharge referralcandy integration product update subscription billing

ReferralCandy now works with both one-time and subscription products!

Connect with ReCharge ↗︎

June 2021 Updates:

Klaviyo Integration: Post-Purchase Events 🔌

Using this event feature you can integrate ReferralCandy seamlessly with your existing customer flows, or build out a new flow to incorporate referrals.

referralcandy klaviyo update post purchase flow

You can now get a post-purchase event in Klaviyo every time a customer joins the referral program after purchase.

Activate post-purchase events from the dashboard & skyrocket your email marketing by adding referral links directly into your Klaviyo flows. Read more

Activate Post Purchase Events ↗︎

May 2021 Updates:

Limit coupons to selected collections 🎟

Gain more control over coupon code redemptions. Set coupons to apply only to selected collections on Shopify.👇

shopify coupons referralcandy limit coupons to selected collections

Try it out ↗︎

Acquire more customers by adding referral links to Klaviyo!🕺

Skyrocket your email marketing by adding referral links to your Klaviyo email campaigns.

Watch your sales grow and deliver a seamless brand experience for your customers.

referralcandy klaviyo integration add referral links

Turn on the Klaviyo integration ↗︎

List of ReferralCandy Integrations

ReferralCandy-FOMO Integration: Social Proof for your Referral programs

Fomo is the equivalent of a busy store.

With a line of code, Fomo showcases recent customer behaviors to increase conversions:

referral program

You can now connect Fomo with ReferralCandy to let your visitors know about your referral program activity:

referral program marketing

As you probably already know, once you have your referral program up and running, you want to make sure everyone knows about it. That's social proof!

The more people that are aware your referral program exists, the more advocates you will recruit, and the more referral sales you will generate!

Connecting ReferralCandy to your Fomo account requires no coding experience. You can check out our FOMO Integration Help Article for detailed steps. (You can also see the FOMO article here)

referral program

Shopify Buy Button: Now Integrates with ReferralCandy!

The Shopify Buy Button allows shoppers to purchase an item directly on a landing page, an email or a blog’s sidebar - no shopping cart solution or checkout page required. This change is meant to address the shift to multi-channel commerce, especially mobile commerce.

If you are selling with the Shopify Buy Button, you can set up a fully-automated referral program with ReferralCandy. For more details, read our help article here - Integration: Using ReferralCandy with Shopify Buy Button

Zach Cheng
Zach Cheng

Zach Cheng is the COO at ReferralCandy.

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