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Premium Shopify Apps Bundle: Get 12 of the Best Apps

Raúl Galera
Raúl Galera
May 15, 2018
2 min read
Premium Shopify Apps Bundle: Get 12 of the Best Apps

We're proud to announce that we've teamed up with some of best (and biggest) Shopify apps on the market to help you get more traffic, improve your conversion and most importantly, get more sales.

We know:

The ecommerce business is tough.

That's why we've made it easier for YOU to succeed by collaborating with 10 of the most powerful profit-boosting apps on the Shopify App Store.


For a limited time, you'll be able to get HUGE discounts to tools that the biggest and most successful ecommerce stores are using.

If you have been checking out some of the apps, and felt they were out of your reach, this is the perfect time for you to check them out.

Check out the Shopify Apps Bundle here

With that said, let's introduce the apps we've partnered with in this Premium Shopify Apps Bundle:

1. ReferralCandy


First up of course, we have our own app ReferralCandy.

ReferralCandy is a powerful tool that allows you to automate customer referral campaigns for your Shopify store. ReferralCandy has been running referral marketing campaigns since 2009, and has generated a total of $87 million dollars in sales for their retailers.

ReferralCandy has also run referral programs for some of the biggest ecommerce names, including Uniqlo, Tidal, Reebok and Greats.

Get $50 off ReferralCandy today

2. Checkout Boost by Beeketing

checkout boost

Some easy ways to increase your checkout rates are offering free gifts, discounts, or free shipping codes. Checkout boost helps you do this while also increasing your social referral traffic on Facebook and Twitter. Get 15% off forever when you sign up through the bundle offer.

Get 15% off forever

3. Privy


Need to grow your email list? Privy can help. Privy provides high-converting pop-ups and other displays that can be triggered based on exit intent, time, scroll, cart size and more. Apply the code 33OFF2018 to get the wonderful discount.

Get 33% off Privy for 3 months today

4. Compass


Compass helps you increase online sales and profitability with tailored recommendations based on research of thousands of online merchants. Compass also helps you make sense of your metrics with peer benchmarks and join the largest ecommerce information network. Get 25% off annual plans when you sign up through the bundle offer:

Get 25% off annual plans

5. Mailbot by Beeketing


Newsletter Bot - your virtual email marketing assistant - will do all the hard work from picking products to drafting and scheduling emails every week. This app will help you send personalized automation emails to follow-up each unique customer based on their behaviors on your store. Get a 60-day free trial when you sign up through the bundle offer:

Get a 60-day free trial

6. Boost Sales by Beeketing

boost sales

There are only a few ways to increase your store's revenue. One of the best ways? Make them buy more with each transaction. That's where Boost Sales can help. Use the app to upsell or cross-sell higher-valued items and increase your customers' average order value. To get the discount, apply the code BSALES25CO.

Get 25% off all plans

7. Loox


Loox is a photo reviews solution for Shopify stores. Since they started, Loox has helped 10,000+ merchants collect and display customer reviews with photos - and thereby helping them increase the conversions.

Get 25% off Loox's Advanced Plan and up

8. Pixc


Did you know that 67% of online shoppers view high-quality photos more important than ratings? Pixc is an online service that provides a cost-effective solution to professional product images in 24hrs. Get 10% off + 1 free-trial image when you sign up through the bundle offer:

Get 10% off + 1 free-trial

9. Sufio


Accounting is crucial for your online business. Sufio automatically creates invoices for every order in your store. Their invoices are are fully compliant with legislation in over 50 countries worldwide and professionally crafted by world’s top print designers. Get 15% off + 30-day free trial when you sign up through the bundle offer:

Get 15% off + 30-day free trial

10. Recart


Recart is the world's first Messenger Marketing app for eCommerce, with 85%+ open rates. Recart helps you boost your sales with automated Facebook messenger, email and push messages. Get a 30-day free trial when you sign up through the bundle offer:

Get 30-day free trial

11. Firepush


Firepush helps you to grow your revenue by converting your your abandoned carts into sales. Firepush allows you to send automated targeted push notifications to your subscribers. Get 90% off for 3 years when you sign up through the bundle offer.

Get 90% off for 3 years

12. Bulk Product Edit by Hextom


Hextom allows ecommerce store owners to bulk edit any product/variant attributes such as pricing, tags, inventory, title, vendor, SKU, description, etc. It also allows you to schedule bulk edit tasks to run on any future date, or on daily/weekly basis; plan holiday sales in advance. Get 20% off + 7-day free trial when you sign up through the bundle offer.

Get 20% off + 7-day free trial


Psst. Also check out our Ultimate Shopify Marketing Resource to give your store a boost!

Raúl Galera
Raúl Galera

Raúl is ReferralCandy's partner manager.

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