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Jonah Berger ‘Contagious’ Quotes: 5 Insightful Lessons On Sharing

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Contagious: Why Things Catch On is a favourite here at ReferralCandy. It’s a great read filled with useful tips and ideas. Jonah Berger knows how to write a great book… and drop some pretty cool lines.

Here are our favourite Jonah Berger quotes for some fresh insights and inspiration.

1. “Stories carry things. A lesson or moral. Information or a take-home message.”jonah berger quotes

2. “Virality isn’t born, it’s made.”

jonah berger quote

3. “When we care, we share.”

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4. “If something is built to show, it’s build to grow.”

jonah berger contagious

5. “People don’t need to be paid to be motivated.”

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Hungry for more Jonah Berger quotes?

We got you covered. We trawled through all of the quotes we could find, eliminated duplicates, and sorted them out in a way that’s easier to swallow. Here we go:

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Jonah Berger Quotes About Marketing

“Virality isn’t born, it’s made.”

“Contagious content is like that—so inherently viral that it spreads regardless of who is doing the talking.”

“We need to make the private public.”

“If something is built to show, it’s build to grow.”

“Marketing is about spreading the love.”


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Jonah Berger Quotes About Storytelling

“People don’t think in terms of information. They think in terms of narratives. But while people focus on the story itself, information comes along for the ride.”

“Stories carry things. A lesson or moral. Information or a take-home message.”


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Jonah Berger Quotes About Sharing

“Top of mind means tip of tongue.”

“When we care, we share.”

“Our desire to share helpful things is so powerful that it can make even false ideas succeed. Sometimes the drive to help takes a wrong turn.”

“Nobody talks about boring companies, boring products, or boring ads.”

“Word-of-mouth is the primary factor behind 20 percent to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.”

“Research by the Keller Fay Group finds that only 7 percent of word-of-mouth happens online.”

“Even a bad review or negative word of mouth can increase sales if it informs or reminds people that the product or idea exists.”




Jonah Berger Quotes About People

“Even in cases where most people are doing the right thing, talking about the minority who are doing the wrong thing can encourage people to give in to temptation.”

“People don’t need to be paid to be motivated.”

“So to get people talking, companies and organizations need to mint social currency. Give people a way to make themselves look good while promoting their products and ideas along the way.”

“The more others seem to be doing something, the more likely people are to think that thing is right or normal and what they should be doing as well.”

“Making things more observable makes them easier to imitate, which makes them more likely to become popular.”

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