Jumpstart Your Business: 32 Great Facebook Groups To Follow

Si Quan Ong
Si Quan Ong
August 29, 2017
2 min read
Jumpstart Your Business: 32 Great Facebook Groups To Follow

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Do you know where you can find a whole tribe of people who dress like you, walk like you, talk and act like you?

Yes, you probably guessed right.

Facebook Groups.

(And bonus hi-5 if you caught that Slim Shady reference.)


Facebook Groups are a perfect platform for you to meet like-minded people who are going through the same pains on your lone, entrepreneurial journey.


Not all Facebook Groups are made equal.

Some Facebook Groups are filled with spam — mountains of links that no one cares about. Others are like a graveyard — not a single soul seen within miles of each other.

And if you’re looking from the outside, it can be tough to discern the wheat from the chuff. The gems from the dirt.

That’s where I step in.

In this post, I have listed out the best groups you should join that are neither spammy nor dead.

Get ready your mouse to click “join” for these groups.

But before that..

Why Join Facebook Groups?

I know, I know.

You already have an endless to-do list that you are dreading to even touch.

Yet, here I am, attempting to convince you to add another task into that list.

And worse still… On Facebook?

Thousands of blistering barnacles!

facebook groups

That’s the Procrastination Devil right there!

But here’s the truth:

There are immeasurable benefits to joining a community on Facebook. Yes, I admit, it can be a distraction if you do not manage your time well.

But — there are a whole host of benefits you can gleam from if you participate in an active one.

For example:

Get Help


I assure you:

Most problems are not unique.

In fact, the problem you’re facing now has probably been solved by another person.

And this is where Facebook Groups come in handy — you can find the other person who has solved the problem, right inside the group!

Just ask your most pressing questions and get it solved.

Get Feedback


Editors are helpful because they offer a 2nd, or even a 3rd look at your drafts, helping you catch mistakes and eliminate fluff where necessary.

You can do the same for your website, ads, landing pages, and so on.

Get like-minded people in the Facebook Group to offer their feedback on how you can further improve.

Help Others


According to research by highly-rated Wharton professor Adam Grant, successful people give more than they take.

Being in a Facebook Group allows you to demonstrate your expertise and show your learnings… in the process inspiring others and helping them achieve more.

Network and Build Partnerships


Business is all about who you know and who you can partner with.

Even if you live in the most remote city in the world (hello Perth!), you can still network and befriend entrepreneurs from all over the world… inside a Facebook Group.

Stay Up-to-Date on Relevant Topics


Changes are made in the digital marketing world almost every day, and it is a huge hassle to keep up-to-date with relevant information.

Plus, you are already so busy dealing with your business.

Who has the time to read every single new update?!

And that’s where the Facebook Group comes in.

New changes to algorithms will prompt fellow marketers and entrepreneurs to share the latest information inside the group — giving you the latest update without you having to search for it.

Promote And Sell Stuff


If the Facebook Group contains members of your target customer, you can network and pick out your best clients — people who are actively engaged in learning how to improve.

And if you write content regularly, you can use the community content promotion technique, where you share your latest and greatest blog posts with a curated group of audience members, giving you the traffic boost you need.

32 Facebook Groups You Should Join As An Entrepreneur

Here is the gigantic list of Facebook Groups you should join and participate in as an entrepreneur (I’ve sorted them out by categories.)


  1. Coffee With Dan
coffee with dan

Owner: Dan Meredith

Dan Meredith IS a personality. His group is filled with people who want to get shit done, learn and have fun. This group is a place where entrepreneurs can be themselves, and share their deepest insecurities and get help. Not only that, this group helps you loosen up and laugh, making your tough entrepreneurial journey an easier walk.

  1. Entrepreneur Hustle
entrepreneur hustle

Owner: Danny Veiga

Do you love to hustle? Then join this group. As its name suggests, this group is for entrepreneurs who understand that hustle is merely part of the game. The members inspire each other and life each other up, making their journey more positive and easier.

  1. Millennial Entrepreneur Community
millenial entrepreneur

Owner: Arne Giske

No matter whether you’re new or established, the millennial entrepreneur community is here to help you connect and collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

  1. 60 Second Persuasion
60 second persuasion

Owner: Bushra Azhar

Specifically targeted at business owners with less than 300k in revenue, Bushra Azhar shares actionable tips on how to use the psychology of persuasion to get more sales for your business.

  1. Groove Learning
groove learning

Owner: Rohan Gilkes

Billing itself as a group about transparency, Groove Learning encourages entrepreneurs to share their ideas or websites and ask for feedback.

  1. Badass Marketers and Founders
Badass Marketers and Founders

Owner: Josh Fechter

One of the best groups in the world to learn about the latest growth hacks. If you have the ability to execute fast, this group is for you. Hundreds of growth hacks can be found in this group, helping to push your business further than you can imagine.

  1. Mari Smith Leading Entrepreneurs
Mari Smith Leading Entrepreneurs

Owner: Mari Smith

Mari Smith is the Queen of Facebook, and this is her special group for sharing exciting news, business building tips and special priority invitations for entrepreneurs.

  1. Brave Entrepreneurs
Brave Entrepreneurs

Owner: Lauren Vanessa Zink

If you’re an action taker, love supporting others and are trying to build a business, then this group is for you.

  1. Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community
Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community

Owner: Hannah Martin

Are you trying to learn how to build a business while being location-independent? Or are you trying to live the digital nomad-lifestyle? This group is for that select group of entrepreneurs to share entrepreneurship and travel-related tips.

  1. Humans of Online Business
Humans of Online Business

Owner: Regina Anaejionu

This group is meant for anyone who is interested in building an online, humanized business. To keep the entire group spam-free and high value, Regina actually pays moderators to manage the group, so you can be sure that you’re entering a safe, non-spammy zone.

  1. Screw the Nine to Five Community
Screw the Nine to Five Community

Owner: Jill Stanton

Have a job but HATE it and want to quit? This group will teach you how to quit your job, start an online business and live life on your own terms.

  1. Ecommerce Entrepreneurs
Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Owner: Richard Lazazzera

Run by Richard Lazazzera of A Better Lemonade Stand, one of the top marketers in the ecommerce industry, this group serves to bring together a passionate community of ecommerce and online business builders help and encourage each other.

  1. Shopify Entrepreneurs
Shopify Entrepreneurs

Owner: Jonathan Kennedy

This is a private community for Shopify sellers with live stores and customers of Storetasker. If you own a Shopify store, this is a group for you to share advice and ask for feedback.

  1. Super Hero Entrepreneurs
Super Hero Entrepreneurs

Owner: Dan Henry

This group is owned by Dan Henry, a young up-and-coming entrepreneur that went from a pizza boy to making 2 Million in under a year. Join this group to learn how he did it, and how you can do the same for yourself.

  1. Lifestyle Entrepreneur Community
Lifestyle Entrepreneur Community

Owner: Brett Campbell

Business success is not just about hustling until you’ve forgotten all about family, friends and having a life. This group is for entrepreneurs who believe that there is more to life than just business 24/7 — yet still want to create a significant impact in the world.

  1. Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs
Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

Owner: Sergi Mateo

Are you a digital nomad and do you want to adventure and work with awesome like-minded entrepreneurs? Join the community of successful digital nomads who enjoy freedom in business and adventure in life!

  1. App Entrepreneurs and Marketers Group
App Entrepreneurs and Marketers Group

Owner: Puneet Yamparala

If you’re working on an app, or a new game, this is the group for you to hang out and chat!

  1. Grow Your Expert Business by Justin Devonshire
Grow Your Expert Business by Justin Devonshire

Owner: Justin Devonshire

If you’re an expert, a consultant or a coach, this is the group for you. Justin shares strategies and information about how to set goals, use your time wisely, systemize your business and get more sales every single day.

  1. The Front Row


The Front Row

Owner: Jennifer Lehner

The Front Row is a private Facebook group of motivated entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to take a seat in the front of the class.

This is a place to learn the latest, most powerful tactics and strategies in social media marketing and the digital world in general.

  1. Pat’s First Kindle Book (From Start To Finish)
Pat’s First Kindle Book (From Start To Finish)

Owner: Pat Flynn

Originally created as an accountability group to force himself to finish his first Kindle book, this group has become something bigger than Pat Flynn himself. Writers and entrepreneurs now gather in this group to force themselves to be accountable and finish their book, while sharing tips and strategies on doing well on book writing and selling.

  1. The Rich20Something Community
The Rich20Something Community

Owner: Daniel DiPiazza

Owned by Daniel DiPiazza, the founder of Rich20Something, this group is a group where you can get help from fellow entrepreneurs who “get” you as well as Daniel himself.

Digital Marketing / Growth Hacking

  1. Learn Digital Marketing
Learn Digital Marketing

Owner: Deepak Kanakaraju

Want to learn digital marketing the right way? Join this group.

  1. Digital Marketing Questions
Digital Marketing Questions

Owner: Ryan Stewart

While not extremely active, group owner Ryan Stewart pops by to answer and help digital marketing professionals learn digital marketing (SEO, PPC, social and analytics.)

  1. Traffic and Copy
Traffic and Copy

Owner: Vin Clancy & Charlie Price

Vin Clancy and Charlie Price appears every day in this massive growth hacking group, dropping one value bomb after another to help propel your business forward.

  1. Stacking Growth (All Things Growth)
Stacking Growth (All Things Growth)

Owner: Justin Wu

Run by the founder of growth agency Growth.ly, Stacking Growth is a group that share actual insights, knowledge and tools here to get you to launch & scaling your company.

It is also a shared space where you can grow your own personal brand & share insights around.

  1. Future Marketing
Future Marketing

Owner: Luka Labrovic

Future Marketing is a Facebook Group that showcases future technologies, mega-trends and strategies while at the same time providing you with actionable tips, tactics and hacks to help you keep a competitive edge.

  1. SaaS Growth Hacks
SaaS Growth Hacks

Owner: Aaron Krall

Do you own or work for a SaaS company? This is the place for you. You can ask for feedback, give advice, start a discussion or simply just learn from the best of the best in the SaaS business.

  1. Growth Hacking Secrets
Growth Hacking Secrets

Owner: Alex Rangevik

Greedy for growth hacking tactics? Then join this group. You’ll have more than enough growth hacks to execute and build your business.

  1. Internet Marketing Super Friends
Internet Marketing Super Friends

Owner: Mike Hill

The group credo is “A Group of Super Friends Dedicated To Better Our Industry with Ethical, Moral, and Helpful Marketing Practices.” This is a high-value, non-promotional internet marketing group dedicated to sharing the best practices of today.

  1. Marketing Solved
Marketing Solved

Owner: Katherine Sullivan

In this group, you will get exclusive access to marketing training, tips and tutorials, articles, business and marketing strategies, success stories, amazing business support, freebies and greatness!

  1. Smartest Guys In Marketing
Smartest Guys In Marketing

Owner: Taylor Welch & Chris Evans

Run by Traffic & Funnels founders Taylor Welch and Chris Evans (no, not Captain America), this group talks about high ticket sales and marketing, client acquisition strategies, paid traffic and anything else about marketing.

  1. Growth hacking & Outbound Marketing
Growth hacking & Outbound Marketing

Owner: Gerard Compte

Entirely self-moderated, the Growth hacking & Outbound marketing group is a group dedicated to growth hacking, digital marketing and more specifically, prospecting and sending the right cold emails.

Join One Today

You don’t have to go through your journey alone.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs already gathered in Facebook Groups, waiting for you to join them in venting, sharing and supporting each other through the arduous journey of entrepreneurship.

Why not choose one from the list, hit the join button…

… and begin participating and adding value?

Si Quan Ong
Si Quan Ong

Si Quan is ReferralCandy's Content Marketing Manager. He is also the co-founder of BreakDance Decoded, an online breakdance training company. He loves standup comedy, and has a dream to visit at least 100 countries in his lifetime.

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