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What Is User Acquisition And Why Do You Need It?

What is a business without its customers? Nothing. It’s just an idea. As you can imagine, acquiring potential customers is the main goal for many businesses. Because what are they without their customers? It’s...

9 Stats Proving the Power of Multichannel for eCommerce Brands

It’s becoming increasingly clear: it’s not just enough to have a website for a thriving ecommerce company. Brands are adding more and more channels to their portfolios of online presences – social media...

Teardown: 5 Best Welcome Email Examples from eCommerce and What They Did Right

Why are welcome emails important for eCommerce? If you’re wondering how to improve your email open rates or trying to reach your eCommerce customers, you need to pay big attention to your welcome emails...

Customer Acquisition

Learn how to get more customers from all different kinds of channels, like email marketing, social media marketing, or search engine optimization.

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