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10 Examples of Prominent Referral Program Calls-to-Action

Very few customers who buy from you will actually refer their friends.

In fact, we mentioned previously that out of all the happy customers you get, only 29% of them would actually tell their friends about you.

Referral Rates Expectation vs Reality
Expectation vs Reality: Results from a Texas Tech study show that 83% of customers say they are willing to refer a brand to their friends, but only 29% of them actually do so.

There are several reasons why customers don’t refer, but we think it’s down to two main ones:

  • Customers simply forget about it, even during a conversation where the topic arises.
  • We all live in a state of information overload, so your brand is oftentimes drowned out by all the noise.

While there are several ways to improve the chances of which customers would remember your brand, they have to know that you do have a referral program in the first place.

The first point of contact people have with your brand is your homepage, and that’s where you need to inform them of your referral program.

Knowing about your referral program and how they can benefit from sharing can actually nudge customers into making that purchase.

Let’s take a look at how 10 ecommerce retailers display their referral programs CTA so it’s visible for all their customers:

A. On the header navigation bar

1. Everlane

Everlane homepage referral program CTA

In an industry filled with hidden costs and markups, Everlane is transparent about every aspect of their manufacturing process. By doing so, customers know exactly how much of their money actually goes into the making of the shirt, and feel confident that their shirts were ethically-made.

Their referral program is displayed in plain sight on their navigation bar, so their customers won’t miss it.

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2. 1950 Collective

1950s Collective homepage referral program CTA

Founded by two One Direction fans, Angela and Nishiki, the 1950 Collective sells trendy clothes revolving around One Direction and other pop culture elements.

They have maximised their referral program CTA exposure by displaying it on both the header and footer navigation of all their webpages:

1950 Collective Referral Program CTA Homepage Bottom

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B. In a drop-down menu

3. Wool Overs

Woolovers Referral program on homepage outline

For over 25 years, Wool Overs have been outfitting customers around the world with high-quality knitwear.

Their referral program CTAs can be seen under both the ‘About Us’ and the ‘Help’ tabs on their homepage:

Woolovers Referral program on homepage 2 outline

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4. Dappertime

Dappertime homepage referral program CTA 1

Australian-based mens accessories brand Dappertime offers quality products at extremely affordable prices with free shipping.

When we checked out their site, they had a referral program CTA under the ‘Info’ tab of their header navigation, and an even more prominent hero image in the homepage body itself:

Dappertime homepage referral program CTA 2

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5. Ztylus

Ztylus homepage referral program CTA

Ztylus sells iPhone cases with lens attachments that instantly transforms your phone into a powerful camera.

For them, their referral program is displayed under their ‘Promotions’ tab on the header navigation bar.

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C. Using hero images

6. Premier Estates Wine

Premier Estates Wine homepage referral program CTA

Choosing wine can be complicated, which is why Premier Estates Wine does the sourcing for you; providing you with an affordable selection from all around the world.

Their referral program is advertised through a prominent hero image on their homepage.

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D. In the main site body


Greats landing page referral program CTA

With a revolutionary direct-to-consumer business model, Greats displays their referral program CTA clearly on their landing page and even on their ‘About Us’ page.

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8. VaporDNA

VaporDNA homepage referral program CTA

Founded in 2013, VaporDNA is a one-stop shop for all your e-cigarette needs.

Their referral program CTA consists of an image on their homepage to let customers know they can get rewarded for spreading the word.

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9. Amuze

Amuze homepage referral program CTA 1

Amuze is a members-only fashion portal that provides daily flash sales and discounts on popular high fashion products.

Their referral program CTAs include a high-contrast colored button right at the top of their homepage, and a large image in the homepage body:

Amuze homepage referral program CTA 2

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E. Using pop-up widgets

10. Brode Electrolyte Vitamins

Brode Electrolyte Vitamin homepage

Brode Electrolyte Vitamins are capsules that contain hydrating electrolytes commonly found in isotonic sports drinks, but without the artificial flavoring and calories.

They used a referral program pop-up widget, so the CTA will always be accessible no matter which part of the site the visitor is at.

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