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About Company

Teonan Beverages is a company that creates a unique line of functional mushroom-infused drinks. Their mission is to offer natural, healthy and delicious beverages that can support the physical and mental health of their customers. Teonan's beverages are made with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, including adaptogenic mushrooms, superfoods, and other natural botanicals.The Teonan team believes that the power of mushrooms is underutilized and often overlooked, despite their potential to support health and well-being. By incorporating these functional mushrooms into their drinks, they aim to create a new category of beverages that not only taste great but also provide functional benefits.Teonan's products are suitable for those with specific dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free, and keto-friendly options. All of their ingredients are ethically sourced, and their beverages are made with sustainability in mind.

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