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About Company

St. Agrestis is a Brooklyn-based brand that produces high-quality, small-batch apéritifs and spirits using traditional methods and premium ingredients. Founded in 2014, St. Agrestis is dedicated to reviving the lost art of the Italian aperitivo, a pre-dinner tradition of sipping bitter, herbaceous drinks to stimulate the appetite and socialize.St. Agrestis' signature product is its Negroni, a bottled cocktail made with gin, sweet vermouth, and the brand's own house-made bitter liqueur. They also offer a range of other aperitifs and spirits, including an amaro, a bitter orange liqueur, and a pre-mixed Spritz.St. Agrestis is committed to sustainability, using organic and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible and packaging their products in reusable glass bottles. They are also active in their community, partnering with local organizations to support charitable causes. For those who appreciate the art of the aperitivo, St. Agrestis is a must-try brand.

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