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Our story began when our founder, Ian, had a hunch that alcohol was affecting his fitness.

As an engineer and health geek, Ian searched for evidence of his suspicions. He found studies showing how alcohol worsens muscle recovery, sleep quality, and stress. Ian realized that he needed to reform his drinking habits to reach his peak potential.

Unsatisfied with the lack of healthy adult drinks, he began mixing his own. But without alcohol in the drinks, it felt like something was missing. So he added science-backed adaptogens & superfoods that relax the mind and restore the body from the day's exercise.

Ian realized that he could share this recipe with other athletes looking to curb alcohol intake. So he teamed up with award-winning mixologist and marathon runner Sam Anderson to take the cocktails to the next level.

And thus, a new kind of functional cocktail was born. Crafted with ingredients that work for you, not against you. To help you reach your peak potential.

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