The 5 Types of Video Content Customers Love to Talk About

Ariel Shemesh
Ariel Shemesh
January 20, 2016
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The 5 Types of Video Content Customers Love to Talk About

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The following is a guest post by Ariel Shemesh, founder/CEO of WebyClip.

Your blog is raking in the numbers, and your Facebook posts are getting more likes than ever. However, your brand still isn’t getting the traction it needs to exponentially grow.

Enter: Video Content.

Video content is the new game-changer when it comes to sharing information. Some of today’s most talked-about brands like GoPro, Dove, and Blendtec do so well because of their shared ability to connect with a wide audience through video.

However, before your company turns to video content for your next mode of brand expression, you first have to choose the format that best suits your purpose.

Here are the five types of video content that can work for your business:

1. A heartwarming product video that celebrates the process and showcases its best features

The aim of a good product video is to be a beautiful homage to the process, style and features of the product. Think of this "product showcase" as you would a product description, bring the best parts of the product to the forefront. If done correctly, these short clips (between 1-3 minutes) have the power to build a large following (and new customers along the way!)

Think of it as a mini-documentary for the product. Explain the product’s history, give it a sense of legacy and provide a heartwarming storyline for your product. Show your viewers exactly what makes your product so special and unique.

A good example of this would be Dior’s “making of” series, where they showcase the entire, delicate process of making a Dior bag - the amount of artistry and craftsmanship that goes into making just one bag.

2. Demo Videos don’t have to be boring - use it to engage your audience!

Demo videos, despite their less than exciting name (who likes a demo?), can actually create extremely interesting video content.

Think about it as taking a condensed version of your company's “FAQ” or “How It Works” page, and passing on that information to them in an interactive and entertaining video. Use fun graphics, upbeat music and a good storyline to make usually-tedious information palatable to your customers.

Zazzle, a custom T-shirt company, is one example of a brand who has mastered the demo video. Not only do they use humor, animation, and creativity to explain their product, they also go into detail about what sets their process apart from other companies in their industry.

With almost 25k views and hordes of positive comments on both the product and the video, Zazzle has succeeded in creating the type of demo video that gets talked about and shared.

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3. If you have a great company culture, let your customers know!

GoPro’s “About” video opens with the line, “It’s the sickest footage ever.”

Combining both extreme-sport shots with day-to-day office scenes, the video summarises exactly what this team of adrenaline-driven creatives are all about. It perfectly showcases the company’s fun and innovative energy.

It’s simple - knowing who’s actually behind the brand humanises and connects you with your audience. It makes the team behind the brand more approachable and trustworthy, and gives you great PR as well.

It lets your customers know that your company is more than just a machine, but a working and thriving ecosystem.

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4. Show that your product works, even in the craziest situations.

How do you make a blender matter? This is a question that was obviously bounced around the Blendtec boardroom more than once. Judging by their brilliant viral campaign, “Will It Blend?,” it seems they have found their answer.

“Will It blend?” started nine years ago with a video featuring cheesy 80’s game show music, one adorable CEO, 50 marbles and of course the Blendtec blender.

The video racked in a whopping 17,000,000 views and gained the company a spot in the video campaign hall of fame.

Since their first video, they have blended almost 150 objects - from Jar Jar Binks to iPads, garnering themselves a loyal following.

Why was this video campaign so effective?

Firstly, it tapped on a hilarious premise: let’s just keep blending things until we can’t!

Secondly, it also acts as a product endorsement for the blender - the blender has successfully blended even the hardest of objects, so it definitely must work.

The ultimate goal with this is to be entertaining, without being preachy about your product.

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5. Cute appeal can convey even the most boring messages

Train safety isn’t usually much of a topic of discussion, but Metro’s PSA, “Dumb Ways to Die,” garnered 117,597,330 views and became a viral sensation overnight.

The combination of colourful graphics and catchy jingle was contagious, helping to spread the pretty important message of train safety at the same time.

Why did it work so well? Not only were the characters incredibly cute and the premise funny, it also appealed to a wide audience with its nuanced humor.

It was an incredibly fresh take on a tired message and the smart way it was presented made people think - yes, about train safety!

Moral of the story: If something like train safety can go viral, you know that the power of video is limitless.

Recap: What are the 5 types of video content people love to talk about?

  1. Product videos that clearly convey the story and uniqueness of the product
  2. Quirky demo videos that share information about how to use your product, in an engaging way
  3. Videos about how cool your company really is
  4. Product testing - to the extreme!
  5. Cute videos, even when they have boring messages


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Ariel Shemesh
Ariel Shemesh

Ariel Shemesh is the founder and CEO of WebyClip.

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