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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Twitter Marketing

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Twitter marketing has grown from a trend to an essential component for businesses over the last few years. If you operate a small business and have yet to tap into the vast potential of the social networking site, you are lagging behind the competition.

With 320 million monthly active users, Twitter marketing supports websites which share embedded tweets, garnering 1 billion unique views a month. Still not convinced?

Like its famous social media rival Facebook, Twitter has a different social networking ‘atmosphere,’ and like any other marketing tool, patience and consistency is key.

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Small businesses find Twitter marketing to be expensive, with prices six times higher than that of Facebook, but what they do not understand is that the click-through rate is 8 to 24 times higher.

Not only does marketing on Twitter broaden horizons for otherwise limited businesses, it also enables them to generate leads at a negligible cost.

This blog will look at some of the ways in which small business owners can effectively use Twitter marketing to benefit their businesses.

Use Twitter Marketing To Positively Influence Customers

A Twitter presence alone is an indication of a social media savvy business. But merely being present is not enough.

As SmallBusiness quotes, ‘Twitter is a virtual water cooler, not a bulletin board. You need to be there to participate in the conversation.’

Twitter marketing is all about engagement. Unfortunately for most brands, that is confined to one tweet-a-day on product broadcasting. 28 percent of brands do not engage at all or tweet only for promotion.

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Engagement with customers is the key towards increasing followers, which is why 72 percent of top brands engage and interact with customers.

Catering to a local demographic, small businesses can target their tweets about to their customer base. Whether it’s a tweet about the weather or a meme that fits your profile, be unique.

Corporate tones bore users – fortunately, small businesses don’t have to use them. They don’t really cater to international audiences neither are they under unnecessary scrutiny. Use light humor, comment on the trends and tailor your tweets to leave a positive impression on the customers.

Help Customers Out and They Will Reciprocate

Twitter is perhaps the biggest medium for customer queries and suggestions.

Small businesses receive many queries from customers who need help related to their products, general inquiries, and reviews. They are likely to tag (@) you in the tweet itself.

Small business owners can ensure that they are on their cell phones in their free time by answering any queries and questions directed at them, as politely as possible.

Instead of imitating a bot that answers queries, add a human touch to your engagement. First names and friendly tones go a long way in establishing a positive relationship.

Don’t believe us? About 96% of surveyed customers that sought customer service on Twitter and received a quick and positive response made another purchase from that very brand.

Furthermore, customers are not always aware of your presence on social media. Rather than them finding out about you eventually, go after them.

The ‘search’ option is an important component of Twitter marketing. Twitter offers advanced search options that allow users to filter through millions of tweets to find ones they need.

For businesses, that means having the option to filter through tweets directed towards them and queries where your business can chip in with suggestions.

For instance, if your business deals with car repairs, you can filter ‘car broke down’ and limit it to your geographical proximity. Any tweet that include the words ‘car broke down’ in your area will show up, and you can reply in the thread offering a helping hand.

An important point to note is to tag the person you’re replying to (@username) as it sends a notification to the person.

Show Users Rather Than Making Them Read

The impact of visual cues on human psychology and their use in advertisements is well documented. Twitter marketing is no different.

Twitter allows you to upload pictures and 140-second videos to the stream on the platform – enough to make a statement.

Customers are more likely to watch videos, and Twitter is eager to show videos. Twitter video ad revenue makes up more than 50% of its ad revenue. Furthermore, tweets that include pictures get 5 times more engagement than simple tweets.

These statistics imply the importance of visual cue integration for effective Twitter marketing.

A recent survey found that 67 percent of Twitter users said Twitter Promoted Videos in the “First View” section were not intrusive in nature.

When video ads appeared further down the timeline, 73 percent of users found them not to be intrusive. Surprisingly, most Twitter users actually found the video ads to be informative.

While Twitter may not be everybody’s first choice for watching videos, it is slowly and gradually integrating shorter videos to engage more customers.

Smaller businesses can use visual cues to engage customers and form a personal virtual relationship with them. A video of an employee birthday, work done for social causes or even a video of your dog can help gain views and increase your brand awareness.

Twitter Marketing Leads To Referrals

Referrals are one of the most reliable ways to generate leads from existing clients in exchange for a discount or promotion – and it works!

People are inclined listen to people who are familiar rather than strangers, and studies prove it. Majority of users who open a referral link go on to buy the product.

Twitter Marketing Engagement
Source: Design Lobby

Twitter is home to the second biggest social networking customer base in the world, and even non-users can view content on Twitter, which increases exposure.

Social media referrals are a significant component of Twitter marketing. Word-of-mouth referrals can be increased by offering something to customers in exchange. As a result, people who click on the referral link already know about your product and are eager to see more. That’s half the conversion funnel, right?

Leads are bound to increase when websites’ visitors are already deep in the conversion funnel. A study revealed that 80 percent marketers said that investing time on social media campaigns increased traffic, directly affecting leads.

Small businesses often lack resources when vying for growth, but social media has proven to be revolutionary in this case. Twitter has provided small businesses with a platform to grow, interact, and increase brand awareness at virtually no cost.

Several small and medium sized businesses are using Twitter marketing to grow multifold. Others can either join in or risk lagging behind.

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