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8 Trendy Ecommerce Niches In 2021 That Sell Themselves

Raúl Galera
Raúl Galera
May 13, 2019
2 min read
8 Trendy Ecommerce Niches In 2021 That Sell Themselves

The following is a guest post from our friends at Template Monster. English is not their first language, but the meaning is clear if you'll forgive their grammar -- plus, the research into trendy ecommerce niches based on template downloads is really valuable.

Here are the top eCommerce niches in demand in 2021, based on ten of the most popular themes we have seen downloaded from TemplateMonster.

How do we know these niches will be popular? We've seen big downloads and high demand for the relevant themes, which give us an indication that many people are identifying valuable, profitable niches and are taking the opportunity to launch their stores.

What eCommerce niches will be popular in 2021?

The recent trend in business is towards personalized items. Mass produced products are being replaced by consumers' desire to stand out and to have something unique. Therefore, there is a great field of opportunities in different spheres to create unmatched niches and discover trending products.

In addition, more and more people are thinking about healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, so they care about what they eat, how they spend their time, and so on. Accordingly, there are numerous possibilities for launching a business in these niches. And, there are a huge variety of eCommerce templates for websites and shop fronts that will help you create your website really fast to tap into these niches.

#1 - High-Intensity Interval Training: Programs & Equipment

Staying fit is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, so people are choosing from various ways of keeping fit. One of the most effective programs which is gaining popularity now is high intensity interval training. It is a set of cardio workouts aimed at burning fat and reaching results quickly. According to Google Trends, an increase in high-intensity interval training has been observed in the US in January and February 2019.

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There are a number of aspects in which you can develop this niche. First of all, it’s possible to create personalized programs taking into consideration the needs and health level of each individual. For instance, the Ultimate 8-Week HIIT For Fat-Burning Program from guarantees melting fat fast and getting better results.

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Secondly, you can become a supplier of sports equipment for such programs. This will involve cooperation with different sports equipment producers and various sport clubs in your area, or even worldwide. We've seen great popularity for our Crossfit - Fitness Club Template - which is suitable if you sell equipment and supplements, or if you run a gym.

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#2 - Event Planning Services

In today’s world, when the majority of people have a multitude of tasks to perform during the day, planning becomes an essential key to success. For this reason, various kinds of planners are becoming more and more popular. Event Planners offer handy services and expertise when you need a little bit of help. For example, offers expertise in the planning, preparation, and booking process, so you can have a memorable special day without any of the stress.

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The Wedding Planner Template has also been highly downloaded - for both people offering various event services, including planning, catering, and gifts.

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#3 - Health and Wellness: Programs, Supplements, Apparel

Another business trend is connected with maintaining the body’s health and beauty. Individual consultations with professionals in this sphere will help to identify problems and develop a personalized plan to get the best results. Qualified treatment and care will help people improve their wellbeing and increase the quality of life.

For instance, NKD NYC provides various programs connected with cryotherapy, infrared LED, light therapy, IV vitamin therapy, body sculpting treatments, and aesthetics help, i.e. injectables.

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#4 - Organic Food: Vitamins, Supplements, Programs

Healthy lifestyle, undoubtedly, is connected with healthy eating, so supplying organic products is becoming a popular trend. Organic food may include various trendy products, such as organic teas and beverages, oils, sweeteners, nuts, snacks, and gluten-free items.

Sometimes organic food can be quite costly, so presenting goods at competitive prices will bring you a good income. Vitacost, for instance, offers a wide selection of healthy products, including vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition programs, and so on.

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#5 - Natural Skincare Products

Besides healthy eating, wellness therapies, and sports programs, people are also interested in taking care of their skin. It is especially true for women, as they want to maintain their natural beauty as long as possible. Similar to organic food, customers are choosing natural products, so dealing with organic skin care products will also be profitable.

At SkinStore, for instance, you can find such products as cleansers, makeup removers, toners, serums, lotions, balms, oils, masks, lip and eye care, and many more.

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#6 - Baby Products

There is a great variety of goods for babies and children. Still, there is a tendency to create natural products devoted to children. More and more eco-friendly parents are choosing organic toys, skin care products, foods and clothes to ensure the best quality of goods for their children, as well as to take care of the environment.

The Ultimate Green Store is an example of online shops that provides numerous bestselling products for babies – green baby toys, organic clothes, bedding and blankets, nursing pillows, eco-friendly furniture, as well as cleaning and laundry products.

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#7 - Specialty Clothing

One more business niche that becomes trendy is connected with clothes. The desire to be fashionable and to have some definite clothing for special purposes leads people to search for Specialty clothing. The apparel market may include athletic apparel, such as golf outfits, maternity wear, footwear, hats and caps, clothing for the over-40s or the youth, petite and plus sizes, various accessories, or even sustainable clothing.

Urban Outfitters, for example, presents collections both for men and women in urban style. You can find clothes, shoes, accessories, and many more products in order to create a perfect look. They even expanded their product offerings from apparel to include furniture and art.

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#8 Handmade Treats for Pets

Though it can sound bizarre, a lot of people are looking for handmade treats for their pets. In fact, it can be understood, as pets are becoming family members, and people spend hundreds of dollars to trim them and buy pet clothes. Hence, special handmade treats will be designed with regard to the tastes and preferences of a particular pet.

As you can notice, The Dog Bakery will surprise dog owners with a variety of natural biscuits, jerkies, and cakes.

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All in all, there are numerous opportunities for creating an online business, and finding your eCommerce niche is a key to success. In order to do this, it’s necessary to think about your wishes and expertise. If you fulfill your desires, it is easier to find new ideas and achieve progress.

Additionally, when you’re thinking of business niches, you have to look for something where you can create unique objects. As more and more people prefer personalized goods, you can think of various trending products that can be personalized and reflect customers’ requirements.

Hey! No matter how trendy your product niche is, it won't mean diddly squat if you aren't sure how to write killer product descriptions.

To help you out we've put together these 8 Easy To Follow Rules to Write Product Descriptions That Sell for you!

Raúl Galera
Raúl Galera

Raúl is ReferralCandy's partner manager.

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