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5 Ways To Leverage Social Media To Increase Traffic And Sales

Daisy Ng
Daisy Ng
June 7, 2017
2 min read
5 Ways To Leverage Social Media To Increase Traffic And Sales

As of January 2017, there are over 6 billion active social accounts on the most popular social platforms. It’s obvious that social media has become a key part of the modern lifestyle. It has grown from places to connect friends to marketplaces where brands and retailers connect with their customers, promote their campaigns and provide more convenient ways for customers to make purchase.

Reaching customers where they are is the prerequisite for all marketing strategy. Customer today are online and social, it's important for marketers to keep track with social marketing to reap the rewards.

With the rise of the massive marketing tools among the channels from free to paid, we rounded up the most effective techniques for you to embrace social marketing and get results with your strategies.

Let’s see how you can monetize social media to generate more sales and traffic from your social media presence.

#1 Use Facebook Dynamic Ads to do remarketing

Back in 2015, Facebook announced Facebook dynamic ads - a big step towards targeted, personalized digital ads. Just like personalized emails, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads delivers greater relevance and perfect timing based on user's’ previous actions on multiple websites or their engagement with the content posted on Facebook.

When the purchasing intent is captured and added into your sales channel, the Click-Through-Rate and sales results of your ad will be increased. Indeed, dynamic ads get a 20% increase in conversion compared to other types of Facebook ads.

Below are some options that you can take advantage of with Facebook Dynamic Ads:

  • Remarketing by highlighting specific product ads based on what users have viewed or abandoned in their cart on your website
  • Upsell/ Cross-sell based on their post purchase.
  • Finding more leads by using Lookalike Audiences.

Also, Facebook's dynamic templates and Product Catalog are also great options because they reduce the time to configure your ads. With these options, you just need to create a single ad that can be applied to all of your products. Facebook will automatically select necessary information to display on the ad (images, names, pricing), stop running ads on out-of-stock items and show different products to different users without having to create multiple ad templates for each product.

leverage social media

It is quite technical to get started with Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, but once you set it up correctly, it will yield amazing results while lowering the cost and your working time.

#2 Optimize the visual content of your Facebook Ads with Carousel format

Reported to drive 10 times more Click-Through-Rate over traditional units, Facebook Carousel Ad - as advertised by Facebook will provide marketers “more space to drive action”. Because you can showcase up 3-5 images or videos with their own links within a single ad.

With this format, you can highlight different attributes, benefits or even multiple products in one ad, thus more ways for advertisers to utilize their ads.

harness social media

Let's see some great practices:

  • Highlight the different benefits of a single product
social media marketing
  • advertise multiple products in a single ad
increase traffic and sales
  • tell the story of your products to encourage actions
giveaway marketing

Be creative, select the best images and tell your story with Facebook carousel ad is a great way to catch customers' attention and increase your ad’s conversions significantly.

#3 Run giveaways to drive social referral traffic

Social media giveaway is a proven way for businesses to interact with their fans, build a strong community, and gain more leads and turn them into sales.

It's not hard to create a great giveaway. There are a lot of options and strategies you can use today to drive traffic and sales with this tactic. What matters is how to create a well-designed incentive campaign that can yield tremendous results.

Here’s an example for you to consider:

marketing with social media

Tool: Checkout Boost

Be fast and flexible with your campaign, test and measure the results over and over again to find the best approach.

#4 Use Facebook Messenger as a Customer Support channel

With over 1 billion users, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide. Integrating Messenger into your store to let them reach you anywhere and anytime on any devices is our next suggestion for you to earn more sales from social media.

social media marketing tactics

Tool: Quick Facebook Chat

Building trust on your brand, getting closer and establishing the relationship with your customers become much easier with this integration. And once you can do this, you can drive much more sales from them and create strong customer loyalty at the same time.

#5 Use Instagram Stories to sell more

Instagram Stories allow users to post multiple pictures and videos in a slideshow format that will disappear after 24 hours. Brands can take advantages of this feature to improve engagement, brand awareness, and post more content without overwhelming followers' feed.

instagram story marketing

You can use Instagram Story as another way to send marketing messages to your brand's followers, or inform them about upcoming sale, events and promotional campaigns.

ecommerce marketing

You have a few seconds only to display your message, remember to make it clear and memorable.


“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.” Pam Moore.

Social media has been strongly rising for the last decades, making networking beyond border. No doubt it will bring the same power to commercial activities. Selling and purchasing on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, even Snapchat will soon become a new social norm. Act on it now and enjoy the fruitful results ahead of your competitors, or else you’re left behind.


Daisy Ng
Daisy Ng

Daisy Ng - Marketing Manager & Growth Hacker from Beeketing - a marketing automation platform for small and medium online stores all over the world. Beeketing brings a comprehensive package of applications that help online stores sell better with the superior assistance of smart recommendation system and big data technology.

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