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India Ecommerce Overview [Infographic]

India Ecommerce Overview

Given that the ecommerce market in India has been getting a lot of attention from VCs, we wanted to see what the hype was all about. Here’s what we found. Enjoy!

India Ecommerce Overview

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  • Hello Mr. Zach C very nice article about indian ecommerce market. Infibeam also looking for funding from VC about $40 to $50 million, So i think there is a chance infibeam will become very stronger in indian market.

  • India’s e-commerce, or more specifically e-tailing market, crossed $800 million with 13 million online shoppers in 2012, said a recent Accel Partners study presented to the investment community.
    If india go with current gdp upto 10 years then it breaks the all record of all over world.