Best Practices For Setting Up Friend Offers

Yu Sheng Teo
Yu Sheng Teo
August 10, 2015
2 min read
Best Practices For Setting Up Friend Offers

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Let people know about your referral program

The Friend Offer is an incentive given by your store that your Advocates offer to their Friends, to encourage them to make a purchase at your store.


In general, consider giving a Friend Offer equal to or more than the Referral Reward incentive.

The more you can make the Referred Friend feel like they're getting a good incentive through the referral, the more likely they'll end up buying something.

It’ll make the Advocate feel altruistic too!

How much discounts or cash should I give?


There is no hard and fast rule about this. Generally, we observe that retailers who give at least 10% in Friend Offers enjoy higher referral rates.


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Yu Sheng Teo
Yu Sheng Teo

Yu Sheng is a product designer at ReferralCandy. He's constantly working to tweak and improve the ReferralCandy product to serve retailers better.

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