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Our patented technology means that we are the only UK fibre blend that takes gut microbiome variability into account.

We’d grown tired of generic supplements and fibres that lacked proper science and hadn’t been medically researched. From microbiome sequencing to analytical chemistry to machine learning. We use the latest science and technology, from our lab in Switzerland, to look at the benefits of a healthy, balanced gut microbiome. And we never stop exploring.

We’ve created a unique set of fibre blends that have potent anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, our own research shows that different people produce different quantities of SCFAs from the same fibre.

These findings are at the core of our fibre blends. We've tested hundreds of different fibres in-house to find blends that all kinds of gut microbiomes can ferment. Reducing the risk of developing chronic disease and helping your gut for good. In fact, we’re currently partnering with the NHS in clinical trials on IBS and Type-2 diabetes.

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