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Smartphone Accessories Referral Program: Rhinoshield

Samuel Hum
Samuel Hum
August 20, 2015
2 min read
Smartphone Accessories Referral Program: Rhinoshield

Rhinoshield is a series of unbreakable smartphone accessories that protects your phone from hammers and 11ft drops.

Rhinoshield homepage

Created by Evolutive Labs, both the Rhinoshield screen protector and Rhinoshield Crash Guard are successful Kickstarters projects.

The Rhinoshield screen protector will shield your phone from hammers, while the Crash Guard is so strong it can protect an egg when dropped.

With such impressive products, let's take a look at their referral program:

1. Rhinoshield's referral program is visible on every page, so all their site visitors will know about it.

Rhinoshield screen protector homepage referral program
Rhinoshield's referral program CTA at the bottom of their screen protector product page.

No matter which page you go to, you'll be sure to see Rhinoshield's referral program CTA when you scroll to the bottom.

Rhinoshield screen protector photo gallery referral program
Which is also present when you're viewing their photo gallery.

The persistent referral program CTA ensures that most visitors will see it, and I like how they chose to place it at the bottom of the page.

After scrolling through the page, you will probably want to tell your friends about the impressive products - which you can do straight away since the referral program CTA is right there.

2. Rhinoshield offers a one-sided referral incentive – rewarding advocates with a 15% discount for future purchases after three successful referrals.

Rhinoshield screen protector referral now

Visitors don't have to be buy something before they're allowed to refer, so they can simply enter their email addresses to start referring.

Choosing to only reward the advocate after 3 referrals ensures that he will tell at least 3 friends about Rhinoshield. In contrast, a referral program that rewards after a single referral might mean that the advocate could stop telling his friends about it once his first friend has bought.

The folks at Evolutive Labs have also chosen to go with a one-sided incentive referral program - which only rewards the advocate for referring.

One-sided incentives can either reward the advocate or the friend, while two-sided incentives would reward both. For more information of which type might be better suited for your brand, check out a post we wrote about it.


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Samuel Hum
Samuel Hum

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