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Offline Marketing: How To Target Your Ideal Customers by Address, Email, and Facebook

Most of the articles I read online are about SEO hacks, how to write better cold emails, or some Facebook Ads tweak.

Rarely do I hear about a channel or tactic that is out in left field. You know, something that makes me stop, put down my coffee, turn off all notifications… and read.

Though, that’s how I felt when I discovered this tactic.

Because I deal with a printed product, my company works with a lot of companies that have websites from the 1990s (like the one pictured below).

Yes, Apple used to look like this.

And, as it turns out, they have tons of incredible, new, relevant data. They just suck at websites, so no one has heard about them.

Data like consumer addresses based on interests, home ownership, a proxy for credit score, matched addresses to emails, anonymous website visitor -> email / physical address matching, and tons more.

I thought:

What would happen if you merged offline marketing tactics with online marketing, went hyper-local and saturated an area? What if you started a multi-channel marketing campaign by doing offline marketing first?

And here’s the result:

The first guide that brings it all together for you.

Put down your coffee, mute all notifications on your Mac, give me 19 minutes of your time, and let’s go…

How Offline Marketing Works

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll chat about in this post:

We’re going to be doing offline marketing to online marketing. A multi-touch offline campaign.

I’ll show you:

  1. How to target customers based on geography and interests.
  2. Get emails for those customers and match them to a Facebook audience.
  3. How to structure your offline marketing to online marketing campaign.

Once you have your data, your Facebook ads and postcards designed… the setup piece I’ll explain below should only take an hour or so.

How To Target Your Ideal Customers

1. Start by Mapping Your Ideal Offline Marketing Areas

Offline marketing areas

The best thing you can do for any offline marketing campaign is to understand your customers first. You’ve already got tons of shipping data for your customers… put it to good use. The quick steps below should get you there.

I also did a short YouTube video that goes over 1-5 to help you do offline marketing map targeting.

1. Use Excel to embed all address fields into one columnPro Tip: Use this formula to get all of your data into one column:

=A1&” “&A2&” “&A3&  ← Keep going

2. Export your new list as a CSV. Your CSV should just be a single column that looks like this…


3. Upload it in a new Google map. 
4. Draw a line around your ideal customers 
5. Share the map

2. Buy Your Address List from an Offline Marketing List Provider

Once you get your link compose an email to rob@mailershaven.com with your map link, a description of your ideal customer, and a request for email matching too.

Mailer’s Haven is a company that only works with list resellers (like me).

They may sell directly to you, but if they give you any problems just let them know that Jordan at Send With Scout sent you and they should sell directly to you with no markup.

3. Modify Your List For Offline to Facebook Targeting

You need to modify your list a bit if you want to match your offline marketing and emails with Facebook. Here’s a video that shows you how to do offline marketing to Facebook targeting:

Here are the headers that Facebook likes (here’s an example CSV):

gen = gender

fn = first name

ln = last name

ct = city

st = state

country = obvious 🙂

email = also, obvious

Here are the fields you’ll get when you buy the list:












The PREFIXTTL field just needs to be converted to gender for Facebook.

=IF(B2=”MR  “,”m”,IF(B2=”MS  “,”f”,””)) ←- That handy Excel formulas should help.

Notice the extra spaces in MR and MS. This is pretty common if you buy a list, so make sure to structure your list accordingly based on the formatting.

If you have emails, make sure to save the list sorted by the emails you have first. If you don’t have emails, just put “None” in the row where you don’t have the customer’s email.

You may have to change suburb cities to major cities (we did with Santee -> San Diego), but other than that it’s usually just about list formatting.

4. Create Your Offline to Online Marketing Multi-Touch Sequence

It’s best to intersperse your offline marketing messages to connect them with online marketing messages so people see you across multiple channels. This builds trust.

An offline marketing sequence should run over the course of about a month.

5. 7 Steps to Ship Your Offline Marketing Campaign Fast

At this point, you’ll want to get started in the fastest way possible. You need to know which customers you’re targeting (see step 1). Once you have your map though, it’s pretty easy to get going.

Take my hand, I’ll help you make this happen as fast as possible…

My hand

Once you have your data, block off two hours to get all of these 7 pieces done:

  1. You must actually take the time to do targeting, no one knows your customers like you do. Step 1 and 2 are your responsibility.
  2. Email Rob Correa to buy a list of your demographic. Be sure to have him subtract out your current customers.
  3. Hire Mohammad Umair on Upwork. Send your list to him, a link to this post, and ask him to tweak it for Facebook Custom Audiences until he gets a high match rate. Have him send you back the final Excel file or Google Doc.
  4. Hire Devesh Gupta and ask him to design three postcards and a Facebook Ad for $200 total. Make sure to send him your content.
  5. Write and setup your email sequences. I like Mailshake for automated emails.
  6. Send your postcards at specific times. Devesh can even design your card inside of studio. You can use another printer, too.
  7. Begin your sequence.

This Is Your Chance

No one is doing this right now.

Take advantage of these offline marketing tactics before they become saturated.

Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford

Jordan runs Scout, a next generation postcard marketing company that allows you to design postcards in the browser, personalize each card and track each individual postcard's results. He also run Postcard Pros, a private community of direct mail marketers. Their members send millions of pieces of direct mail per month. He is currently learning how to play the piano and you can contact him at his first name at sendwithscout.com.