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Ecommerce Stores Popups: Up Conversion Rates And Sales

Daisy Ng
Daisy Ng
April 27, 2016
2 min read
Ecommerce Stores Popups: Up Conversion Rates And Sales

Popups are not something unfamiliar to online buyers when shopping on ecommerce websites. Normally, popups are used to collect email subscribers, grant discount code, inform events, or simply welcome new visitors to website.


But hey, I bet many of us here who have done online shopping, must have sometimes felt annoyed and interrupted by popups that unexpected boomed out to block us from continuing surfing the site. But they do work, really, really well.

In this post, we will suggest some smart ways to present popup boxes on your ecommerce store, to capture customers attention and achieve what you want with the best conversion rates possible.

1) Use welcome popups to boost email list & social followers by giving away some little treat

When new customers visit your store for the first time, you would want to convert them into your email subscribers or social followers, either ways to have their contact point so you can get in touch with them whenever you have a chance (new visitors may not buy on the first time they’re on your site, but if you can drive them back with engaging newsletters or social interactions, they will highly likely come back and make some real purchases).

So here’s how: show a beautiful popup that politely ask them to submit their email or like your social profiles, in order to be rewarded with a big discount code on total bill:


(Try this popup on your ecommerce store with Better Coupon Box plugin)

2) Exit-intent popups that cure your terrible cart abandonment rates

For ecommerce stores, cart abandonment is one of the worst pain points that break conversion rates and slow revenue down.

Popups with exit-intent technology becomes helpful here, as they do the job: interrupting leaving customers from their intention of exiting without completing their order.

Guess why customers are interested in some of your products, but still hesitant to buy? Probably your price is a bit high that makes them want to consider other options from your competitors. If losing sales when customers are so close to checkout step is a thing you never want, you should implement exit-intent offers on your store, using rude and interrupting but very effective last-minute popups.


(Try this popup on your ecommerce store with Checkout Boost plugin)

3) Smart ways to sell more to one customer with upsell & cross-sell popups

You know how upsell & cross-sell techniques work well in ecommerce, with the world leader Amazon as the perfect success story of always making shoppers buy more than they plan in advance.

But how can you do that for your online store with popups? Imagine: when customers show their interest in a specific product (add to cart, view product page, scroll down to look for product details…), a popup will trigger this event, show up to offer an add-on or more expensive alternative items that customers most likely want to purchase.


(Try this popup on your ecommerce store with Boost Sales plugin)


(Try this popup on your ecommerce store with Boost Sales plugin)

By offering good discounts for the upsell /cross-sell products, you give your customers really good incentives to buy products that go well with what they intend to buy. This is a smart way to increase your sales, as selling more to existing customers is easier than converting new traffic into paying.

4) Time-limited popups that push customers to take action right away


You can also use popups to drive customers to finish checkout, by giving a sense of urgency. Create time-limited popup offers to push customers to take action right away if you don’t want to lose attractive deals, as below:

5) Show popups to tell customers “Hey we have shipping to your front-door”

Most people when doing online shopping concern about shipping. But the chance is that people will not scroll down to the footer of your website to look for shipping policy. Thus, if you have shipping to their location, let customer know in advance when they first enter your store so they can feel confident to continue shopping on your store.

With auto geolocation technology, customer’s IP will be detected, giving exactly their location. Here’s how to use popup to let your customers know you have delivery to their address:


(Try this popup on your ecommerce store with We Ship To plugin)


Many online shoppers find popups intrusive and annoying because they stop them from surfing the website. But why popups still work so well in ecommerce? They only do when the timing is perfect and the content is exactly what your customers want.

Start implementing smart popups on your ecommerce store now to boost conversion rates, drive customers to the final checkout step in your sales funnel, and make more money.

Daisy Ng
Daisy Ng

Daisy Ng - Marketing Manager & Growth Hacker from Beeketing - a marketing automation platform for small and medium online stores all over the world. Beeketing brings a comprehensive package of applications that help online stores sell better with the superior assistance of smart recommendation system and big data technology.

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