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It’s so easy to use. It’s the least labor intensive marketing task that we have. It runs itself. For virtually no labor, I get so many sales.

Nathan Smeltzer

Owner, Powder City
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ReferralCandy works with every eCommerce store, through app integrations or email connect. Ask and we’ll show you how easy it is to connect your store!

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One-click connection


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One-click connection

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Connect your marketing apps

ReferralCandy connects to your marketing stack to give you more insights on customers, sales and traffic.

Improve referral success

Boost engagement with referral nudges

  • Referral Widget

    Referral Widget

    Pops up in the corner to enrol customers into your referral program

  • Embedded Signup Form

    Embedded Signup Form

    Make your referral program part of the shopping experience

  • Post Purchase Popup

    Post Purchase Popup

    Beautifully timed for when your customers are most likely to refer

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Watch your referral sales grow

Track your referral revenue and traffic, see your top referrers and what they are saying about you on their social media

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Protect against fraud and spam

ReferralCandy informs you of suspicious activities so that you can review and deal with them accordingly to maximize your returns

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