The smart referral program for your store

Easy integration with your store
Connect instantly with popular ecommerce platforms or choose custom API and advanced integrations

Track referral engagement and revenue
Manage customer's shares, referrals and new sales from your program in one convenient place

Distribute rewards automatically
Distribute rewards automatically to your customers. You can choose to give coupon, cash or custom gift

Beautiful templates that encourage referrals
Mobile first and on-brand templates that are optimized for best referral result

Engaging promotion across channels
Super easy for customers to join your referral program. We also keep it top of mind

Access to best-in-class support
Get tips from our support team and best practice guides to build your best referral program

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Easy integration with your store

Connect instantly with popular platforms
Just sign in and you're done! Get started instantly
Works with your third-party apps
Connect third party apps like ChargeBee, PayWhirl, Bold and Recharge
Automatic integration
Instantly connect your Shopify or BigCommerce store to get started
Simple email integration
Paste your tracking code on your store checkout page, and get up and running in 20 mins
Custom integration for developers
We have advanced options such as JS integration and API Integration for more flexibility

Track referral engagement and revenue

Measure customer's love for your brand
Learn about your best customers, how they share your brand and convert their friends
Track your referral program's growth
We help you benchmark your referral program against insdustry standard and your own records

Distribute reward automatically

Reward successful referrals
We automatically detect successful referrals and send out rewards to both the referrers and their referred friends
Safeguard against fraudulent self-referrals and misuse
We shield your program from invalid referrals and report suspicious cases of potential misuse
Multiple types of rewards
Easy switch between discount coupon, cash reward and custom gift. Explore the best option for your program
Reward management
We help with coupon code management, follow up and distribute coupon and cash rewards to your customers

Super easy to start your referral program

Takes away all the trouble of managing a referral program. Runs invisibly in the background and solves a lot of problems.


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Engaging promotion across channels

We continuously improve our promotion channels to help you achieve the best referral results possible

Send email blasts
Send an email blast to your customers, making everyone on your list a member of your referral program
Send them to a landing page
Create a great-looking standalone page where customers can get their personal referral link
Send an automated email invite
Automatically invite your customers to your referral program once they buy something from your store
Embed signup in your store
Put a signup form right in your store, without taking your customers away from the shopping experience
Invite customers at checkout
Embed customers an invite to your referral program

Beautiful templates that encourage referrals

Optimization that boosts sale
We use best practices that are proven to boost referral revenue for our templates
Top mobile first experience for your customers
Our emails and pages work beautifully across devices
Simple and custom setup for everyone
Our templates are ready to use out of the box. You can add your brand favour in a few simple steps
Best experience for your developers
You have total control over your templates via HTML & CSS editing

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Access to best-in-class support

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Best Practice Guides
Get tips, guides and ideas on how to make your referral program as successful as possible

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