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10 Tactics To Attract More Customers To Your Online Store [Infographic]

tactics to attract more customers to your online store

So, you’ve done all your homework.

You did all your market research, you figured out a unique value proposition for your product, you read up about all the shopping cart solutions (hosted and non-hosted) and you figured out the best possible configuration for your online store.

You proudly launch your store, and… there’s a small trickle of customers. How do you get more?

Here are 10 tactics that you may find helpful.

How to get more customers for your online store:

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Full text for the infographic:

Tactic #1: Hold a sale

  • Good for getting attention and winning over new customers
  • Consider introducing limits to suggest exclusivity

Tactic #2: Run a competition

  • Run a competition that is purposeful and relevant to your brand & market
  • Consider using a voting mechanic- participants win by getting their friends to vote

Tactic #3: Give free samples

  • If limited by cost, give free samples to a random subset of lucky subscribers
  • Consider reaching out to influential bloggers to review your free samples

Tactic #4: Partner up

  • Earn your customers’ loyalty by introducing them to other quality brands they might like
  • Get more exposure by being visible and active among other players in your niche

Tactic #5: Write targeted blog content

  • Blogging improves your SEO, bringing in more customers through organic search
  • Gives your existing visitors the opportunity to share and promote your content

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Tactic #6: Offer a new product/service

  • Novelty is a surefire way of earning attention
  • Could simply be repositioning, repackaging or even repricing of an existing product

Tactic #7: Advertise

  • Experiment with different keywords in Google ads to refine your targeting
  • Use unique, relevant landing pages that include the keywords

Tactic #8: Participate in social media

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Tactic #9: Incentivize first purchase

  • Consider offering a small discount for first time purchases
  • Make it tangible and obvious what the customer will get if they purchase right now

Tactic #10: Incentivize customer referrals

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