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7 Examples Of B2B Referral Programs

google referral program

In a Software Advice survey, 88% of 200 senior B2B marketers shared that they use referral marketing software to generate demand for their products as well as clean referral email templates and a consistent referral message.

Referral incentives have consistently proven to be a low-cost way of getting high-quality leads.

Here are some examples of B2B referral programs in action:

1. Google Apps / G Suite

google suit apps

Learn more about Google Apps’ referral program

2. Booker – business management software

booker management software

Learn more about Booker’s referral program.

3. Carpathia – cloud hosting provider

carpathia referral program

Learn more about Carpathia’s referral program.

4. Cooperative systems


5. Zoho Mail


6. Box – enterprise cloud hosting


7. Blackbaud



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  • Hello Vishakan, Nice research you have done for this article. Actually, a referral program always helps to increase sales to the business. This is a reason most of the big companies still runs a referral program. By the way thanks for sharing this article with us.

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