Ditch Refersion'sPoor Support

Experience round-the-clock, dedicated support with ReferralCandy
"Customer service is always on point and resolved our issues within a day"

Julia, Beauty & Cosmetics, Shopify
"Disappointing experience - No onboarding or support, and customer service was unresponsive"

Secrets of Tea, Health & Wellness, Shopify
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Escape Refersion's RigidPricing Plans

Enjoy the flexibility of ReferralCandy's clear pricing with no surprises
"I like the pricing structure of a low monthly fee compared to other products coupled with a modest pay-for-performance-fee"

Kyke, Food & Bevarages, WooCommerce
"Pricing model after you have reached a minimum level of conversions forces you to switch to a long term 1 year contract"

Ken, Retail, Shopify

Break free from tediousManual Reporting

Embrace automation and streamline your referral efforts with ReferralCandy
"After the initial setup it pretty much runs in the background. The Klaviyo integration and multilingual setup are a big plus"

Simon, Watches & Accessories, Shopify
"Can't upload a CSV file without customer service sending it to their developers. Takes over a week and it's annoying"

Mathew, Retail, Shopify

ReferralCandy vs Refersion comparison at a glance

Shopify rating
4.9, 2130 Reviews
4.7, 999 Reviews
Flexible Rewards
Advanced Reporting & Analytics
Dedicated Customer Support
Fraud Detection
A/B Testing
Trusted by 30,000+ ecommerce stores
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