Learn how a brand is growing its impact with $10,000

We have chosen one impactful ecommerce brand to receive a $10,000 grant to accelerate their growth. Now, they’ll document their journey in real-time so that you can learn from their successes (and failures).

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What's the Growth Grant & Diaries?

ReferralCandy's mission is to help impactful ecommerce businesses. Many brands are unable to scale their business and impact because they lack the resource or know-how to solve growth bottlenecks.

That’s why we decided to give one emerging business a $10,000 grant.

Then, we’ll work with them to produce a series of content about their initiatives and results so that thousands of other brands around the world can benefit from it as well.

Here is the content that we’re planning to release:

Brand stories of applicants. An article covering some of our favorite brands that applied to this project.
Grant recipient announcement. An in-depth article covering how we chose the recipient of the grant and why.
Behind-the-scenes look at the recipient. The founding story and insights into their business including: What have they found success with thus far with marketing? What’s their tech stack? What is preventing them from scaling?
Interviews with the recipient. Deeper coverage into recipient’s gaps in their business and how they’re planning to use the $10,000 to solve them.
Agency audit webinar. An agency will audit the recipient’s current and future marketing plans live on a webinar. Then, they’ll share recommendations on how to improve them.
Agency video series. Multiple agencies will share their advice on how to approach problem scenarios taken from real stories by real ecommerce brands that applied for the grant.
Reflections: A follow-up on results and wrap-up of 3 month journey of recipient.
And more. Regular updates on the recipient’s journey and other short form content on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Helping emerging ecommerce brands
grow their impact

To ensure that the content we produce would be super relevant and insightful for emerging impactful brands, we made sure to pick a final recipient that fulfilled these requirements.

  • Impact on community

    The recipient should have environmental/social impact, caters to an underserved niche, or has an innovative product.

  • Small teams or solopreneurs

    The recipient should have fewer than 10 employees at the time of application and are struggling to grow the business consistently.

  • Within 3 months

    The recipient should need additional funding to grow their business and plan to use $10,000 within the next three months.

In the end, we chose...

Vinnie from Happy Human

Happy Human

Happy Human is an eco-friendly startup based in Sydney that creates refillable "just-add-water" household products to reduce single-use plastic waste and carbon emissions.

Their solution is a convenient dissolvable cleaning tab made by condensing ingredients together and wrapped in compostable paper packaging. Just like Berocca but for hand wash or surface cleaner. Users simply have to drop the tab into their forever-use bottle and add tap water; then refill with their money-saving tabs that cost $3-4 each time.

Their ultimate mission as a business?

To make sustainable choices accessible to everyone by reimagining household products to be better for you, your wallet, and our planet.

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What conditions apply?


16 Feb - 8 Mar

Application and selection period for final recipient

Week of 14 Mar

Recipient announcement

21 Mar

Article on our favorite brands that applied to the grant

28 Mar

In-depth article covering how we chose the recipient of the grant and why

Early Apr

Behind the scenes look at the recipient + Deeper coverage into how they’re planning to use the $10,000 to solve them

Mid Apr

Agency audit webinar

Mid Apr - May

Agency recommendations video series, spread across weeks

Mid - Late Jun

Final check-in with recipient and results of project

(Dates may change depending on how things go and if new content is added.)

Frequently asked questions

Are you actually giving out $10,000? What's the catch?

Yes, we are! We want to see more businesses that are contributing to their communities in their unique ways. But we also know running and growing a business is hard. We hope this grant can help one business increase its impact on its community.

We want to help more than one business through this grant. To achieve this, we will work with the grant recipient to create a few pieces of educational content in exchange for the grant. Specifically, the recipient agrees to do an interview with us about their founding story and agrees to write a blog post about how they used the money and what results they have achieved. 

How did you pick the recipient?

We want to empower a business that can have the maximal impact on its community with this $10,000. The two key factors we will be looking at are:

1. The impact the business has on its community (refer to application requirements)
2. How the business will use the money

The recipient will be determined by our team internally, and we will publish a blog post about how we chose the recipient.

What can the recipient use the grant on?

This grant is meant to help impactful businesses that are struggling to scale their impact. We prefer the grant to be used on solving bottlenecks that will improve the business and increase its contribution to its community.

Here are some recommendations:

1. Ecommerce apps that help improve efficiency
2. Agency audits or consulting (e.g. CRO, email marketing, SEO)
3. Hiring additional teammates
4. Mentorship in different aspects

We highly discourage using the grant on only ads. If your ads aren’t profitable, spending more money on them likely wouldn’t make them profitable. If your ads are profitable, then we suggest investing this amount in other areas of your business. 

Do you have any recommendations for ecommerce apps and agencies?

Here’s our list of preferred partners.

1. Ecommerce apps:
- Shogun
- Klaviyo
- Octane AI
- PushOwl
- Spently

2. Agencies:
- HeyCarson
- Hawke Media
- Whole Design Studios
- OnlyGrowth
- Mutesix
- Sunbowl

How would the grant be given to the recipient?

We want to work closely with you, connect you with our partners, and brainstorm ideas together.

So instead of sending you the grant money directly and all at once, we will go through your plan together and approve the expenses. We will then reimburse approved expenses. 

Here’s roughly how we expect to collaborate with you:

1. Week of grant recipient announcement: Video chat to go through your plan; ideally with a presentation deck
2. Following week: Interview for your founding story 
3. Every two weeks: Check-ins on progress and results
4. Early to mid-June: Draft grant review blog post

You are also welcome to email us anytime in between. We would love to help! 

I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Feel free to email us at with your questions!