ReferralCandy x The Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast

Influence and scale word of mouth for your brand

Not actively trying to grow WOM for your ecommerce brand because it feels like you have no control over it? Ecom. Coffee Break listeners, it’s time to change that with ReferralCandy’s Word of Mouth Marketing Platform.

Scale WOM for your brand
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2 tactical channels to unlock WOM for your brand

[1] Referral program, powered by your best customers

Build a referral program with different rewards. Invite your best customers to join your program. Finally, reward them every time they make a successful referral so that they’ll continue to do so.

All this, managed and automated in one place with our referral program platform.

[2] Influencer gifting at scale

Find authentic influencers that are the most relevant for your brand. Send your products over to them to try. Influencers, who genuinely like your products, will post about you on their channels – and you’ll only pay commissions when these drive direct sales conversions. Zero other charges.

This process will be managed end-to-end for you, by us.

Note: InfluencerCandy is currently in a closed-beta and we’re only accepting users on a limited basis.

What conditions apply?

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