Ztylus: A Refer-a-Friend Program for Multi-Functional Smartphone Cases

Ztylus: A Refer-a-Friend Program for Multi-Functional Smartphone Cases

Described by Business Insider as “the Swiss Army Knife of phone cases”, Ztylus sells versatile smartphone cases that perform many different functions at once. They’re beloved by photography enthusiasts all around the world, notably for their unique 4-in-1 revolving lens attachment.

"We do some advertising, but most of our traffic and sales comes through word of mouth."

Thomas Chen
COO, Ztylus

The Ztylus team found that adding ReferralCandy to their marketing toolkit made it easier for them to get more reviews:

"Our strategy for using ReferralCandy was to reach out to influencers. It’s great because it’s attractive for the reviewers, because they get to make money, and at the same time we’re spreading product awareness to more and more people."

Thomas Chen
COO, Ztylus

While tech reviewers are usually happy to review Ztylus’s innovative products, the addition of referral incentives makes it easier for them to prioritize Ztylus over other reviews they might be planning on doing.

ReferralCandy’s customizable incentives allowed Ztylus to setup a reward system that made sense for their customers. Ztylus chooses to give a 25% discount to Referred Friends, and 10% of the purchase as a cash reward to the Advocates who refer them.

Ztylus also uses ReferralCandy’s embedded signup widget to put a signup form on their site:

ReferralCandy makes it easy for Ztylus customers to refer their friends. Once they’re signed up for the program, all they have to do is share their referral link with their friends.

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With ReferralCandy’s automated payouts, Ztylus doesn’t have to worry about approving and tracking payments.

"The ease of setup was nice — the fact that everything was taken care for us in the backend. Apart from some manual stuff for the returns, everything else runs pretty smoothly."

Thomas Chen
COO, Ztylus

With ReferralCandy taking care of their referral program, Ztylus can focus on their core mission of making great, innovative tech for anybody who wants more out of their phone cases.

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