How Momomi Grew Its Brand Through Word-of-Mouth

How Momomi Grew Its Brand Through Word-of-Mouth

Referral program top line results

  • Over 1 million HKD in referral sales
  • Over 7,000 customers joined the referral program
  • Referrals were responsible for 1 in 5 transactions
Referral candy - Sales and Marketing Director, Momomi recommend referralcandy referral program software
"Word of mouth is important to us, as parents will share products they love with other parents."

Gigi Ng
Sales and Marketing Director, Momomi

About Momomi

Momomi is an award-winning lifestyle brand. Momomi’s flagship product is an artisanal Japanese Soft Touch Tatami Mat. Parents love the soft texture of the mat, which has a perfect thickness for babies to crawl on, and also easier to clean compared to plastic or carpets which may trap bacteria.

Gigi shared that word-of-mouth was key to growing the brand. “Most of our customers are mothers, who arrange play dates for their kids.

“When they see their friends using Momomi mats during playdates, parents feel comfortable and know they can trust our brand. That’s when they decide to buy one for their own home. That’s when we realized ReferralCandy could be powerful for our brand.

"A lot of people want to share Momomi with their friends, and a referral program was a great way to do it."

Gigi Ng
Sales and Marketing Director, Momomi

Since 2019, Momomi has been using ReferralCandy to run the referral program.

  • Over US$178,000 in referral sales in just over 2 years.
  • Over 7,000 customers joined the referral program, with over 3000 social media shares and more than 11,000 clickthroughs.
  • Referrals were responsible for 20% of all transactions. This is ten times higher than the industry of 2.12%. One customer referred close to 200 friends!

Two factors that contributed to Momomi’s success were the simplicity of the referral program and the brand’s promotion on Facebook.

How Momomi set up their referral program

Momomi set up a simple referral program, the ‘Momomi Happy Family’:

  • New customers got 10% off their first purchase when they used a referral link.
  • The referring friend got 5% of the purchase amount in a cash reward.
momomi referral landing page referralcandy
Momomi’s beautiful referral landing page

With a generous referral offer, Momomi’s customers are further incentivized to spread the word about their Tatami mats and refer new friends who are interested in making a purchase.

Tapping into word of mouth

The biggest channel for growing brand awareness has been word of mouth. The Momomi Facebook page features many excellent reviews from satisfied parents, as well as thanking customers for the supportive messages and referrals.

momomi referralcandy facebook reviews word of mouth

Momomi used Facebook ads to start growing the business, but their ad spend was growing over time. They also wanted to find other channels to sell their products. Tapping into word-of-mouth helped them generate organic growth and reduce their customer acquisition costs.

Gigi also shared another word-of-mouth marketing tactic: “We have sponsored some mats for playgroups and kindergartens, to place in the reception and playing area. Parents will notice how comfortable the mats are, and ask about the mat - and that conversation will lead to a sale for Momomi.”

"ReferralCandy makes it easy for our customers to share about our products in parenting groups on Facebook or WhatsApp."

Gigi Ng
Sales and Marketing Director, Momomi

Referral program success: Momomi

With 1 in 5 sales driven by referrals, Momomi’s referral program is a success.

When Momomi expanded the brand to new markets in Singapore and Australia, the stores already had a referral program running - also powered by ReferralCandy.

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