How Mac of All Trades Expanded Ecommerce Sales With ReferralCandy

How Mac of All Trades Expanded Ecommerce Sales With ReferralCandy

Referral program top line results

  • Referrals generated over $600,000 in less than 12 months
  • 51X Return-On-Investment with ReferralCandy
  • Referrals were responsible for 4.3% of all monthly transactions
Referral candy - Director of Marketing, Mac of All Trades recommend referralcandy referral program software
"We understood the importance of word-of-mouth marketing. We knew we'd have success in that channel as long as we had the right partner."

Amato Cole
Director of Marketing, Mac of All Trades

About Mac of All Trades

Mac of All Trades has been buying and selling used Apple products since 1995. The brand prides itself on its meticulous refurbishment process and excellent customer service. Unlike some ecommerce brands, Mac of All Trades is easy to reach by phone and email.

Amato Cole, Director of Marketing, decided to implement ReferralCandy in June 2020. He used ReferralCandy’s BigCommerce app to integrate directly with Mac of All Trades’ ecommerce storefront, to build a new revenue stream.

"ReferralCandy made it extremely easy to get started, giving us more time to focus on the right placement and promotion. Once we had that figured out, ReferralCandy became a hassle-free revenue generator."

Amato Cole
Director of Marketing, Mac of All Trades

Referral program results with ReferralCandy

In just under 9 months, the referral program achieved some amazing results for Mac of All Trades:

  • Six-figure referral sales: Mac of All Trades generated over $600,000 in referral sales.
  • 4.3% referral rate: Referral sales and referred customers accounted for 4.3% of all transactions for Mac of All Trades. This is higher than the industry benchmark of 3%!
  • 51x ROI: ReferralCandy has generated 51X return-on-investment for Mac of All Trades’ referral program.
  • Shares & clicks: Referrals generated almost 500 shares across social media platforms, and almost triple that store visits.
  • Super-advocates: One super-fan referred over 700 friends who made a purchase!

How Mac of All Trades used ReferralCandy for success

With just a few simple steps, Amato set up the referral program for success. Let’s look at some of the strategies he made use of:

1. Keep the offer simple: Give $10, Get $10

Amato chose a very simple, easy-to-understand offer: give your friends $10 off their first order, and get $10 off your next order.

mac of all trades referralcandy case study give get

A $10 discount for existing customers was a nice incentive, as Mac of All Trades offered free shipping. The discount could go towards purchasing accessories like keyboards and earphones. This helped build repeat business and enhance customer retention.

2. Promote the referral Program to customers

Mac of All Trades did a fantastic job promoting the referral program to its customers. The $10 referral offer was extremely visible on the homepage.

Mac of All Trades put the referral offer on the front page

Mac of All Trades also used email to promote the program. Customers received an email invite to join the referral program, and a reminder email after making a purchase.

Customers received this email after a purchase

The sharing buttons were especially helpful in getting customers to share on their social media.

3. Encourage customers to promote the referral program on social media

Customers were especially eager to share the program on their social media. Every social post led to an average of 2.4 link clicks.

mac of all trades referralcandy case study social share

Mac of All Trades also shared their links on their Twitter account, and this helped drive additional traffic and sign-ups.

mac of all trades referralcandy case study social tweet reply
"ReferralCandy made it easy to drive organic growth for our brand with minimal investment of time and resources."

Amato Cole
Director of Marketing, Mac of All Trades

Referral program success: Mac of All Trades

Amato was able to use ReferralCandy to deliver strong revenue growth to Mac of All Trades. Best of all, ReferralCandy was easy to use and set up.

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