How Christy Dawn uses Referrals to Spread the Brand Message

christy dawn referralcandy case study

Christy Dawn Referral Program: Topline Results

  • Since 2016, Christy Dawn’s referral program has generated 26X ROI
  • Referral sales contributed to 2.81% of all Christy Dawn transactions
  • Christy Dawn’s top referrers are style bloggers and YouTube Content Creators

About Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is an environmentally-conscious, ethical fashion brand. Christy Dawn lives up to its vision by making dresses primarily from deadstock fabric left behind by other fashion houses, rescued from landfill, ultimately reducing their environmental impact.

Christy Dawn’s pieces are popular with celebrities and influencers, who love the beautiful, timeless design as well as the brand’s commitment to ethical fashion that honors Mother Earth. Customers are welcomed into the community, where they learn more about fast fashion and the brand’s commitments.

In 2016, the team was looking for a way to grow its community and share its powerful, increasingly important message. They decided to use ReferralCandy to encourage customers to share Christy Dawn.

Using Referrals to Start Conversations

Christy Dawn’s referral program is a simple “Give $30, Get $30”. Customers are invited to offer their friends $30 off their first purchase, and they would receive $30 off their next purchase from Christy Dawn.

This brought new people into the Christy Dawn community, and has also deepened brand loyalty with existing customers.

Referrals are a nice, organic way for our customers to share Christy Dawn with their friends.

Allison Jervis

Marketing Manager, Christy Dawn

The ReferralCandy Effect

Christy Dawn has been using ReferralCandy since 2016. The results speak for themselves:

  • A Referral Rate of 2.81%: That means 2.81% of all purchases came from referrals or customers who had been referred, compared to the industry benchmark of 2.23% for fashion stores.
  • Widespread Word-of-Mouth: Over 500,00 emails were sent, and over 30,000 people clicked through social media referral posts
  • 2600% ROI: Christy Dawn’s referral program has generated a 26X return-on-investment!

Referrals as a Conversation Starter

Some of Christy Dawn’s top referrers are style bloggers and YouTube content creators like Kaitlyn Bos, Unfancy Blog, and StyleBee, who post their referral links on YouTube videos, blog articles, and Instagram posts.

christy dawn kait bos youtube content creator*Video from Kait Bos’s YouTube Channel

This not only generates word-of-mouth about Christy Dawn, bringing in new customers, but also inspires members of the community to create their own content, and spread the brand’s message and mission.

ReferralCandy has been instrumental in helping to grow our community. It’s an amazing way for our customers to share our brand with their friends.

Allison Jervis

Marketing Manager, Christy Dawn

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