How AdSalsa Helped Frutamare Gain Thousands of Advocates in Just One Quarter

How AdSalsa Helped Frutamare Gain Thousands of Advocates in Just One Quarter

Agency success story

  • AdSalsa designed a referral program for Frutamare, whose revenue was growing over 50% month-on-month
  • ReferralCandy was easy for AdSalsa to use, they only needed to spend about one hour a week on it
  • Within the first six months of launch, referral revenue jumped to 700%

About the Agency - AdSalsa

AdSalsa is a digital marketing agency, headquartered in Spain, with offices around the world including Germany, Brazil, Singapore, and Mexico. AdSalsa focuses on B2B brands with an emphasis on lead generation.

AdSalsa also has an internal accelerator, turning startup ideas into long-term businesses. Frutamare was one such project developed in 2019.

About Frutamare

Frutamare is one of Spain’s first farm-to-table ecommerce concepts. Customers would receive locally sourced, quality farm products, freshly picked from the tree less than 24 hours ago. Frutamare launched with oranges grown in the Valencian Community in Spain.

Customers loved it so much that Frutamare soon expanded its offerings to include peaches, avocados, nuts, and honey from local farms.

To take Frutamare to the next level, AdSalsa decided to approach ReferralCandy. The team knew the value of a referral program.

ReferralCandy gave us a huge boost in terms of return-on-investment.

We wanted to grow the value of each customer. We invest heavily in nurturing leads into purchases at the top of the funnel.

Having a referral program at the bottom of our sales funnel increases our customer lifetime value and lowers acquisition costs for new customers.

Overall, we get more than double our return on investment.

Raul Abad, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Manager at AdSalsa

How AdSalsa designed a successful referral program to grow sales for Frutamare

AdSalsa first implemented ReferralCandy for Frutamare in September 2019. “Our brand experience starts the moment someone comes across Frutamare,” said Raul Abad, ecommerce Manager at AdSalsa. The goal was to turn Frutamare customers into brand ambassadors from day one.

Customers are really using our referral program, which is great. They particularly like the fact that they split the rewards equally with their friends.

These rewards are generous, but still within what we can afford in terms of margins. And more importantly, no ad campaign is as persuasive as a customer referral.

Raul Abad, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Manager at AdSalsa
New customers could get 25% off their first order through the referral link, while existing customers were rewarded with 25% off their next purchase for every friend referred

It took Frutamare less than a month to start getting their first referral sales. On top of that, referral sales continued to grow 50% month-on-month.

Within six months after launching their referral program, Frutamare had thousands of loyal advocates (customers referring their friends), with several hundred new advocates every month.

During the orange season, when Frutamare’s referral sales exploded, reaching a 700% increase in referral sales. During this period, the number of new advocates joining the referral program doubled for two months in a row.

Overall, ReferralCandy has provided huge gains in ROI for Frutamare:

  • Since launching their referral program, Frutamare’s referral revenue grew over 50% month-on-month for 6 months straight
  • Six months after launch, referral revenue jumped 700%
  • In just 3 months, the company acquired thousands of new customers through their referral program

Why AdSalsa chose ReferralCandy

AdSalsa chose ReferralCandy because the app was easy to set up and they didn’t have to worry about managing it on a regular basis.

As an agency, AdSalsa believes in the power of relationship marketing, a customer-obsessed marketing strategy that focuses on nurturing deeper relationships with customers with the goal of providing long-term customer satisfaction and therefore increasing customer loyalty.

Following this philosophy, AdSalsa designed different marketing tactics where Frutamare would regularly provide customers with useful content such as orange-based recipes, and would also personally check in with clients via Whatsapp to see if they liked their last batch of oranges.  

ReferralCandy fits perfectly with this customer-centric approach:

What I like the most about ReferralCandy is that it puts the whole program on autopilot. I know it’s working and I don’t need to check on it often.

Plus, ReferralCandy integrates fully with our Shopify store which makes it very easy to manage.

We see a growth curve over the few months, and it’s at a very good place right now. We’re very happy.

Raul Abad, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Manager at AdSalsa

ReferralCandy for agencies

A referral program with ReferralCandy rewards consumers when they refer their friends, turning them into a sales team that drives new sales for your clients’ store.

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