How Love Yourself Used a Referral Campaign to Reach New Customers

How Love Yourself Used a Referral Campaign to Reach New Customers

Referral program top line results

  • In just 2 years, Love Yourself’s referral program has generated over 100,000 GBP
  • Referral sales and referred customers resulted in 5.35% of sales
  • Overall, the referral program generated 10X ROI for Love Yourself

About Love Yourself

Love Yourself is a is a meal delivery service catering to the busy city-dweller in London. The company offers healthy, restaurant-quality meals made with 100% real ingredients.

Wojtek Kolan, co-founder and CEO, was looking for ways to expand the business. He delved into the data and saw that customer acquisition costs (CAC) were high, partly due to high competition through ads.

Wojtek decided to make use of ReferralCandy to drive new customer acquisition. In addition, he began posting more content to social media to grow his audience.

Expanding the customer base with a referral program

Wojtek used ReferralCandy’s coupon code feature to offer store discounts. Customers could give their friends 30% off their first purchase, while receiving a discount for £30 (or one day’s worth of meals).

Since 2018, ReferralCandy has been generating great results:

  • A referral rate of 5.85%: 5.85% of all revenue came from referred purchases or referred customers. That’s more than twice the industry average of 2.35%.
  • Over 100,000 GBP in referral sales: Through referrals, customers have purchased over six figures in sales of Love Yourself diet.
  • High customer growth: Close to 4,000 customers have joined the referral program. 6% were new customers who joined through the referral program.
  • 1000% ROI: In a little over 2 years, Love Yourself’s referral program generated 10x return-on-investment!

The referral program helped to bring in plenty of new customers and sales. On top of that, referred customers were acquired for a significantly lower acquisition cost than ads.

Referred customers were also more likely to become a part of the Love Yourself community; and they shared on social media, participated in challenges and contributed towards word-of-mouth about the brand.

Referral candy - CEO, Love Yourself recommend referralcandy referral program software

What we saw from the data was that ReferralCandy was working - and so we decided to back it up and invest more.

Wojtek Kolan
CEO, Love Yourself

Doubling down with ReferralCandy

Wojtek decided to redouble his efforts and reinvest into his referral campaign. After a discussion with his Customer Success Manager Tomas, they identified the following tweaks to their referral program:

  • Increased the friend offer to 40% off their first purchase (up from 30%)
  • Email campaign to enroll customers & contacts into the referral program
  • Mass promotion of the referral campaign on social media

These changes had a big effect. In just one month, Love Yourself generated close to 20,000 GBP, and increased the number of customers in their referral program by 14%!

ReferralCandy has been an excellent tool in helping us expand our customer base and breakthrough to new markets.

Wojtek Kolan
CEO, Love Yourself

Love Yourself saw great results and real growth with ReferralCandy, and are continuing to use referrals to grow the business.

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