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10 Best Work-From-Home Business Ideas

10 Best Work-From-Home Business Ideas

Whatever your passion, let it become a reality – be your own boss. That’s right, working from home is something most people dream about, and now is a perfect time! It means more time with family and friends, and being able to manage your own time. Thanks to some amazing technological advancements over the last decade, there are many work-from-home business ideas. Furthermore, it can be marketed almost anywhere and on any platform you choose; be it on the internet, social media, an app, television, you name it. It must be said that traditional methods of marketing such as word-of-mouth and referral programs, intertwined with technology, are a recipe for success.

In fact, as life becomes more expensive, many people are working second jobs. More often than not, these side-jobs comprise of the person’s passion. Perhaps it’s running an online store, photography or other creative arts, or even website design. Whatever it may be, there are a plethora of business opportunities that you can really make your own and run from the comfort of your own home. 

10 Great Work-From-Home Business Ideas To Consider Right Now

1. eCommerce Store

eCommerce is arguably the fastest growing industry for people wanting to work from home. It allows the business owner to take their passion, be it art, clothing design, jewelry, and many others, and sell it to customers. Of course, it depends on what industry you choose as to what target market to focus on, but setting up an online store is a great way to bring in a stable income whilst maintaining flexible working hours. 

setting up ecommerce store at home

The best way to market your eCommerce store is by promoting your business as social media advertisements. This allows you to set your advert to the specific region, age and other key preferences of your target market. Referrals from friends are also a great way to get your brand out there, and there is nothing like the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

2. Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is a method for supply chain management whereby the business does not necessarily keep goods in stock, but rather notifies the producer of a client order and the system gathers the order accordingly. There are a few steps to starting a drop-shipping business. 

Choose an industry niche, like t-shirts or baby products, conduct market research on competition, sign a supplier- these days, inking a deal with a supplier is easy with digital signature tools–  build a website and social media for eCommerce, produce a client purchase plan and finally analyze and enhance your services. 


If you have a computer, you are already halfway to becoming a freelancer. There are many aspects of freelancing to choose from nowadays; writing, editing, videography, and photography, to name a few. If working on your own schedule, from anywhere in the world tickles your fancy, never stop marketing yourself. 

To start off, setting up a profile on every platform that you can think of both freelancing websites and social media pages is critical. Once you have sufficient experience and have honed your skills, you can streamline your online presence to higher quality freelancer platforms, and even well-known publications. 

freelancer working on laptop at home

4. Teaching/ Tutoring

For those who have a passion for teaching, there are now countless websites out there that connect students with teachers, or tutors, online. Regardless of your teaching background, there are many subjects you can choose to specialize in. From English, Mathematics, and Science to Sports Coaching, Cooking, Psychology and even Dance, there is no shortage of subjects to teach. 

If you enjoy helping others and want to pass your knowledge on to passionate students, teaching online is the way to go. Just like freelance writing, it is important to market yourself on as many platforms as possible, and word-of-mouth can be a very important marketing tool for this type of job. 

5. Photography & Painting

If your passion lies in the creative arts industry, photography and painting can be a great business you can run from home. Start by setting up a website and social media platform that reflects your personality and work. Next, place an advert on social media, and perhaps even attend some art exhibitions to display your work and get the word out about your business. 

Starting your own creative arts business will allow you to really express who you are and even travel around the world if that is something you would like to do. Getting started requires knowing the right people, and that is where referral and word-of-mouth programs come in to play. 

man painting in home studio

6. Business Consulting

For experienced business-people, consulting is a great way to share your knowledge and help different businesses achieve their goals. The most successful business consultants are those who have been around for at least 20 years and know a particular industry like the back of their hands. 

A website, business email and Facebook page are all you really need to market your new consultancy firm. Again, word-of-mouth can go a very long way in this field, because if you can help a business attain success, they will likely refer another business to your services, or at the very least, leave a positive review. 

7. Beauty Products

There is no question that we all use beauty products of some form. Moisturizers, soaps, bath salts and many more products are constantly in demand. As news emerges of unethical or unsustainable treatment of employees or the environment in the making of beauty products, the demand for ethically sourced formulae increases. 

If you can show your potential market that your products are sustainably sourced and independently produced, you are well on your way to success. For a beauty products business, marketing on social media platforms is a great place to start. If the business take’s off, and we’re sure it will, then you could consider a website, forming into an eCommerce store. 

home-made beauty products

8. Virtual Assistant

Are you organized, reliable and enjoy customer service? Being a Virtual Assistant (VA) could be for you. VA jobs can be found on many websites offering remote positions where you work from home, but are still an employee of the company. While it is a twist to running your own business, you are still working from home, meaning you can work on your own schedule and attend to any family-related matters if required. To make sure you’re not working too hard and remember about making time for your family, you can also use an online work timer.

To begin, you will need a website, a strong brand of knowledge to a specific industry and be ready to put yourself out there. Believe it or not, these positions do exist and can be highly rewarding. 

9. Bookkeeping

If you have prior corporate experience, a computer, and the internet, then a bookkeeping business might interest you. Most business owners, especially small and medium firms would rather not get tangled up in the mess that is bookkeeping. Therefore they would look to outsource these tasks, which is where your business comes in. 

A website, business cards, and networking skills are what you’ll need to make a successful bookkeeping business. In saying that, networking skills are only handy if you have the right network, so using a referral marketing platform can be highly advantageous to maintaining a successful network of clients. 

10. Website Design

Last but not least, website design is another rapidly growing industry. With many people starting their own businesses, a website is almost a necessity. In fact, most people do not even know where to begin when it comes to a website, so are prepared to pay someone to help them. In saying that, creating a web design business should only be reserved for those with significant experience in the IT industry, as it requires skills that take years to master. 

The best marketing tool for a web design business is to find a specific target market and offer a service like no other. Not to mention, a carefully refined website and online presence will go a long way, as first impressions are everything. First thing is first, getting your name out there through referral marketing is of utmost importance to success.

bookkeeping business at home

10 Great Work-From-Home Business Ideas To Consider Right Now

There is no better time to set up your own work-from-home business. Thanks to modern technology and endless business ideas, you can turn your passion into a full-time job. As the old saying goes, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. Working from home can be vastly rewarding, especially since you can spend more time with loved ones and friends, while still earning an income. It can all become a reality by working hard, and if you have an online shop, promote it with a referral program that is trusted, and get your brand out there to the world. The rest will be history.


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