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Referral Program Examples

The most famous referral program examples:

Aggregated lists of referral program examples:

  • An Epic List of 47 Referral Programs
  • Hardware Referral Program Examples – 9 Referral Programs in Hardware Ecommerce
    1. Nomad – cables and chargers
    2. Fitbit – mobile activity trackers
    3. Frontpoint Security – wireless home security systems
    4. Pebble Watch – sunlight readable smartwatch
    5. Amazon UK Kindle – touchscreen e-reader
    6. LIFX – smart wifi lightbulb
    7. Sol Republic – wireless bluetooth headphones
    8. Automatic – wireless car/phone adapter
    9. Mellow – smart sous vide machine
  • Beauty Referral Program Examples – 10 Glamorous Referral Programs
    1. Conscious Box – hand-picked healthy, socially conscious and natural home, food and beauty items delivered monthly
    2. Birchbox– monthly makeup sample subscription service
    3. Bevel – shaving system designed specifically for coarse, curly hair and sensitive skin
    4. Truth Art Beauty – Pure, natural, and custom skincare
    5. Strip – brazilian waxing service
    6. Julep – beauty products & nail polish
    7. GlossyBox – American beauty subscription box
    8. Dollar Shave Club – monthly razor delivery
    9. Ipsy – personalized makeup and beauty products
    10. Blush – discount makeup
  • F&B Referral Program Examples – 14 Tantalizing Referral Programs in Food Ecommerce
    1. Real Food Blends – real food people on feeding tubes
    2. Atlas Snacks – fuel for paleo enthusiasts
    3. Jaswant’s Kitchen – pre-made spice blends
    4. Freego – gluten-free goods from around the world
    5. Fatty Sundays  – beautiful chocolate-coated pretzel rods
    6. Barefoot Provisions – primal picks for the peckish
    7. Love with Food – the snack box that fights hunger
    8. Zaycon Foods – quality produce at wholesale prices
    9. Munchery – gourmet meal delivery in San Francisco
    10. Craft Coffee – the subscription for connoisseurs
    11. Naturebox – vegan-friendly snack box
    12. Treatsie – for the dedicated sweet tooth
    13. Plated – takes the planning out of home cooking
    14. Kitchensurfing –the Airbnb for chefs
  • Fashion Referral Program Examples – 10 Snazzy Referral Programs in Fashion Ecommerce
    1. Okabashi – 100%-recyclable footwear with foot support.
    2. True&Co – Lingerie store with personalized measurements and selections.
    3. Wool Overs – Cashmere, cotton and wool knitwear.
    4. Dyer & Jenkins – Premium denim and knitwear.
    5. Ministry of Supply – Menswear infused with performance technology.
    6. Greats – Classically-designed sneakers with luxury materials.
    7. Beckett Simonon – Quality mens shoes and boots.
    8. Perkla – Online fashion discounts for students.
    9. Bonobos – Great-fitting menswear with superb customer service.
    10. Sesura – Womenswear from Taiwan, Japan and Korea.
  • Preorder Referral Program Examples – How 11 Innovative Companies Use Referrals to Drive Pre-orders
    1. Plastc – Smart e-ink card that combines all your cards into one.
    2. Pixie – Tags that allow you to create a digital map of your things, and locate them when you need to.
    3. Lumo Lift – A device that helps you sit up straight, so you can be healthier and more confident.
    4. Navdy – Dashboard display that makes you feel like you’re driving in the future.
    5. Jibo – The world’s first social robot for the home
    6. Bluesmart – Smart travel luggage that charges your phone, weighs itself and never gets lost.
    7. Luna – Smart mattress cover that measures your sleep quality and wakes you up.
    8. Ringly – Smart jewelry accessories
    9. Bolt – lightest and fastest electric skateboard
    10. CarIQ – India’s first connected car ecosystem
    11. The Grid – AI website that designs itself
  •  A List of 10 Tantalizing Subscription Box Referral Program Examples
    1. Julep rewards advocates with $15 credit, while their friends receive a Maven Box worth more than $40 upon joining.
    2. Violet Box gives advocates 500 violet points per referral, which is equivalent to a $5 discount.
    3. Birchbox rewards their advocates with 50 points, which equals to a $5 discount for future purchases.
    4. POPSUGAR advocates can receive up to 6 free boxes for referring 10 friends.
    5. Love With Food gives advocates $5 credit for each referral, while their friends receive a 40% discount for their first snack box.
    6. Try The World rewards advocates and friends each with a $15 discount.
    7. Loot Crate gives advocates $7 credit for each successful referral, which means they can get a free crate for every 3 referrals.
    8. Cairn rewards advocates with 100 points, so they can redeem a free month’s box or Cairn apparel after hitting 250 points.
    9. Flintobox gives advocates a free Flintobox for every 3 referrals, while each friend will receive a Rs 300 (approx. $5) discount.
    10. Bramble Box rewards advocates and friends with $10 credit for each successful referral.

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