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The 9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Techniques From Top Marketing Experts [Infographic]

So you’ve got your blog up and running, and you’ve been writing a bunch of quality posts. Yet the traffic isn’t quite what you wish it were. What do you do?

Well, Brian Lang from Small Business Ideas Blog asked precisely that question to over 40+ experts from fields as diverse as SEO to (believe it or not) Real Estate. We took the information and laid it out in a coherent infographic. Enjoy!

The 9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics From Top Marketing Experts

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Here’s a transcript:

1: Before everything else, your blog’s gotta rock

  • Be helpful
  • Be unique
  • Tell stories
  • Quote experts
  • Respond quickly to trends

2: SEO – Make sure it’s searchable

  • Do proper keyword research

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3: Use visuals

  • Create original images
  • Make images more effective with text overlay
  • Use images to attract traffic
  • Invest in your content’s design
  • Create visual content

4: Build Relationships

  • Build real relationships with people first
  • Build a loyal audience
  • Share others’ content
  • Use social media to network and engage– not spam
  • Be human on social media

5: Know your target audience

  • Really, really understand your audience
  • Match your content to the needs of your targeted audience

6: Use Email

  • Email the people you’ve mentioned
  • Collect leads
  • Send better email
  • Email people according to content topic and interest

7: Perform targeted distribution

  • Share with those who’ve already shared similar content
  • Send your content to specific targets
  • Reach out to influencers
  • Prioritize promoters
  • Tag/mention relevant people

8: Maximize the potential of social media

  • Take note of timing
  • Share in more places
  • Retweet for visibility
  • Multiple tweets/shares at intervals
  • Milk older content for their worth
  • Use Pinterest

9: Make it happen! One step at a time

  • Take action!


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